The Rules

The Rules

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    This forum is meant for persons age 16 and older. Users who lie about their age during account registration in order to bypass this requirement will be banned.


  1. Be mature and respect each other.
  2. If you're engaged in a dispute or argument with someone, please keep it contained to the relevant thread or in PMs.
  3. Harassment of members will not be tolerated.
  4. Trolling, spamming, soliciting, self-promotion and advertising without permission are not allowed.
  5. Posting merely in order to increase your post count is not allowed; your posts must have at least some substance and must be relatively on-topic.
  6. The IVL policy, detailed below, must be adhered to.
  7. Doxxing, or threatening to do so, is strictly forbidden.

Image, Video, and Link Policy

  • Offensive pictures, animations, and videos, or links to such content, are not allowed. These are things that might be posted for the deliberate effect of nauseating or upsetting the average viewer; are graphic, violent or cruel; and/or are interjections or tangents to the topic of conversation (that is, spam). Ultimately, it is for the moderator to decide whether an image is offensive or merely disgusting.
  • Child pornography, defined as any sexual image of a person under 18, is strictly prohibited. Sexual images with prepubescent subjects will result in immediate removal and banishment.
  • Pornographic images, videos, or links to pornographic content are not to be posted outside The Lounge. Pornography is any image where genitals are visible or a sex act is displayed.
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Reason: Minimum age reduced to 16
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