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Unread postby samuel05 » 28 November 2019, 01:53

Hi, i am Sam, a gay 16 year old from the UK,

I need some advice

i fancy my best friend (CALLUM) who is 17, i think he might be gay but i am not sure if he is or not, I dont know what to say to him?, as he will probably be angry if he thinks i think hes gay if hes not, I meet him quite often as friends, and i really do like him but i just dont know what to say or how to say it, i am scared if i say anything he will not like me

he is my dream boyfriend

Please can anyone help?
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Unread postby kenzie_matt » 28 November 2019, 05:58

Hi Sam and welcome to the forum.
16 can be a really tricky time in life! At 16 I was in a serious relationship with a girl who was absolutely perfect in every way. We suited each other well and seem to fill in all the missing blanks in each other's lives. Only problem was, I was in denial. I was still telling myself that I'm going through a phase and other things that I won't go into here to comply with the forum rules.
So why the trip down memory lane? A few years later I fell in love with a guy while I was still dating the girl. Her and I were on the brink of getting engaged but I knew I couldn't go through with it because of my personal "issues".
The fact that you are already acknowledging your sexuality is a good start. Remember though, you do not have to label yourself. That is a sad and toxic element of society that I really wish we could eliminate altogether!
Onto Callum. He may be gay or he may not know himself. If he has not said anything as yet, you could end up in a difficult and unpleasant situation if you make any sort of move without knowing for sure what his intentions are.
At this point, I would say your best bet is to remain friends with him and wait things out. The closer you become as friends, the more certain topics are likely to come up. For example, if he has a crush on somebody, whether girl or boy etc. Without knowing your personalities, I think it would be difficult for us to give more guidance at this point. A lot of us on the forum could give you various scenarios that could play out differently, but that list would be endless!
Why don't you give us some examples of your interactions with one another as friends? Maybe it could help shed some light on the matter?
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