coping with social banishment

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coping with social banishment

Unread postby orionagora » 30 June 2021, 20:00

Greetings from Syria you guys, so as most of you might know being gay in the Middle East is not a pleasant experience. Lately, society has exiled me completely. My community as a whole has excommmunicated me once and for all. So you can you guys suggest any HEALTHY coping mechanisms I can turn to in order to survive loneliness? Up until now I have been consuming an ungodly amounts of sugar and junk food, which is not OK as you know. Thank for your advise
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Re: coping with social banishment

Unread postby pppppp42 » 30 June 2021, 22:54

I have a rule, never do anything that will wreck your body to feel good now because it will only make things so very much worse later.
Instead I do exercise and work out. It helps me forget stuff and makes me feel better about myself when I see the results. It does take a lot of work to see the results though so you have to be patient.
If you want motivation just remember that you aren’t alone, everyone else like you is just too scared to death to come out of hiding. Maybe some day you will meet one of them or maybe you will find yourself in another place where people a much more accepting. You will want to look your best physically for that day so use that as motivation for keeping yourself in good shape now.
Exercise is good because it releases chemicals in your body that make you feel better right away, plus it makes you feel better about yourself later.

On the topic of moving, I know it’s a really difficult time to be an immigrant from the Middle East, but are there any relocation options available to you so you can live in a more accepting place?
I know there a groups who help gay men get out of Russia and relocate elsewhere by giving them legal advice and helping with getting things set up. They are in very real danger there and I would suppose you are in just as much danger. There are probably groups that help gay people from the Middle East get to safe countries to live if you search online. You might be able to apply for some sort of special asylum in the USA. It’s a lot easier now that we got rid of that ass hat trump.

Edit: I should also remind you that even though it’s not as good as a hug in person, we are always here when you want to message people who understand you.
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