Gay intercourse safe? keeping things discrette. Building friendships.

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Gay intercourse safe? keeping things discrette. Building friendships.

Unread postby HairyBeast » 11 September 2020, 15:18

I've done oral with a few partners of the same sex (2 transexuals and 1 guy) and didn't contact a std from any of this. The other guy with me at the time with the 2 transexuals also got oral from these two t-girls with another guy the t-girls were with. I dunno if this was risky behavior or not because it was unprotected. I don't like protected sex with women or guys or trans.

I've mucked around with a few girls and haven't contacted anything from that. I would suspect that's lower risk but still risky. Protected sex turns me off and I have pretty much stopped a lot of sexual encounters because of it and ended up just kissing or whatever.

Also telling people I like guys or girls doesn't mean anything to me. I have no real need to make this public knowledge to everyone I know. I don't want acceptance and if they find out and ask I will say its none of their business really unless i suspect they wanna twirl and i like them. Also I wanna do things a bit safer in the future and I don't drink anymore for that reason and also for general health.

I've had a few girls in the workplace ask if i have a gf or ask if im gay and ask if i like black guys when they have a boyfriend who is black. I met one of these girls later and she very interested in talking to me and I was kind of not wanting to be seen by her at the time but she caught me and stopped me. Are these girls into 3 somes by asking these questions (they are saying it in front of 1 other guy who was my mate and other girls). My mate is straight I think but he sort of mires my shoulders by touching them saying I'm big. Girls who are wanting me to kiss them do the same thing in the past also. Funny one of those girls is my mates sister and he doesn't know about that lol.

Confusing stuff.
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Re: Gay intercourse safe? keeping things discrette. Building friendshi

Unread postby René » 11 September 2020, 15:29

Is it just oral sex you've been doing / interested in? That's a relatively low-risk activity, protection for which is generally considered overkill by most people.

Anyway, way to go looking out for your health and giving up alcohol! Hopefully we'll get to the point where drinking stops being considered normal someday. :keke:
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Re: Gay intercourse safe? keeping things discrette. Building friendshi

Unread postby HairyBeast » 11 September 2020, 15:59

Yeah probably just oral sex especially if your just met someone out in a club within 5 mins and your allready hooking up. Haven't been out for ages but last time a girl was telling me I should hookup with two older women who my mate talked to initially until he started talking to her and left me with them. I don't think any of them including my buddy worry about health much because they all smoke and drink. I'm pretty much the only sober one but having a lot of fun sober.

What are the risks of catching something serious from oral sex including if I perform it on the girl?
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Re: Gay intercourse safe? keeping things discrette. Building friendshi

Unread postby PopTart » 11 September 2020, 19:35

gonorrhoea and chlamydia are the most likely, orally transmitted diseases with cunnilingus. Both can infect the throat. Herpes are also a risk, quite high actually and can be contagious, even when blisters aren't visible.
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Re: Gay intercourse safe? keeping things discrette. Building friendshi

Unread postby Eryx » 11 September 2020, 22:27

A penis is a penis, so I don't see how being gay would change that.

Being fucked is riskier because there's less skin between blood vessels and the actual penis doing the penetration. Those vessels can break and if there's infected pre-cum, actual cum or even blood there, infection becomes way more likely.

If you're just a top, it's less risky because there needs to be an injury at or near the penis. Having thinner skin there also helps you bleed, so it's a risk factor (I had an ex who bled every other session, so he's more exposed to risks than someone who has thicker skin around their dick). Having a previous STD facilitates that access as well.

Oral sex has an inherent risk because there's always an inherent risk, but I wouldn't stress over it. It's like a reverse lottery to actually get something from oral. But the risk is there; HPV, syphilis and HIV as well. And as Pop said, a couple other threats are worth looking at.

It's kind of stupid to think that a sexual orientation makes one more or less likely to contract anything. It's the activities that do. Being a bottom, being a top, fucking a different person bareback every weekend as opposed to fucking your monogamous partner bareback every day, all of those have different risks associated to them.

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