How did you come out to your Family or Friends?

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How did you come out to your Family or Friends?

Unread postby gaylovenlust » 29 April 2021, 22:40

I am fighting Depression and Anxiety since childhood due to bullying. Even my sister was sometimes bullying me. So when she recently made some homophobic slur, I wrote a long angry email with also mentioning that I'm homosexual.

She replied asking for Proof that I'm Gay. Ah! LOL

Anyway, later, I ordered a Rainbow wristband and am wearing since then.
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Re: How did you come out to your Family or Friends?

Unread postby René » 29 April 2021, 23:25

I actually also came out by email, to my dad, haha. He then told the rest of my immediate family and my grandma if I recall correctly, which I was happy about since it just got it over with. I was 16. (Everyone accepted it. I never felt discriminated against.)
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Re: How did you come out to your Family or Friends?

Unread postby Severelius » 30 April 2021, 08:05

I can't remember how I actually came out to my friends because I was incredibly drunk at the time. I just know that when I arrived at my mate's house that evening I was in the closet and the next morning I wasn't.

I came out to my parents by shouting it at my mum from the top of the stairs to shut her up because I got sick of her insinuating I was going to be giving her grandkids whenever I mentioned ever having any female friends.
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Re: How did you come out to your Family or Friends?

Unread postby Eryx » 2 May 2021, 13:10

Stay strong! This kind of acceptance is irrelevant after we grow older and start taking care of ourselves. You'll find people who accept you as you grow up. And my understanding is that things are slowly getting better in India, right? I hope so.

My coming out was sort of uneventful. I was kind of pushed out of the closet and my mom didn't want to have anything to do with it, but she came around quickly and she was open to the articles and information I provided her. My understanding is that many people reject us after coming out because they simply don't know enough of what it means. Once they get more familiar with the concept and understand that they're not losing you or or your personality on account of it, they get less defensive.

Then again, some people are just assholes, and those you just have to get away from.
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