Into older guys?

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Re: Into older guys?

Unread postby Petite » 20 May 2021, 16:21

Guys of my age or younger usually have no clue what they do in bed and cum in 5min which to me isn't satisfactory at all. Older guys are much better, best partners I had were in their late 30s-50s.
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Re: Into older guys?

Unread postby McTaggartfan » 22 May 2021, 06:02

René wrote:I don't get it either. Obviously there are older guys who are in great shape and look as good as any younger guy, and I could be attracted to one, but it'd be in spite of his age, not because of it. I would also be concerned about the relative unlikelihood of spending our last few decades together, and I would want to grow old together, not join someone who's already done growing old (or much further along). :P
(I don't do casual sex, so that's neither here nor there.)

You express an excellent point in your second sentence!

As for my own perspective on this, well, I'll put it as briefly as I can manage. When it comes to romantic relationships, a person's body (and hence their age, too) matters very, very little to me. What I find overwhelmingly attractive in someone is going to be his personality and/or intelligence. There have been plenty of times where I was willing to date someone who was older than I, or else not nearly as good-looking, simply because I found (say) the guy's cleverness to be incredibly hot.
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Re: Into older guys?

Unread postby pozboro » 4 June 2021, 22:05

I've always thought 35-45 the ideal age range. So when I was 20, I wasn't into older men. Now that I'm over 55, I guess I'm into younger men or men my age.

Have never been 'into young guys', say under 25.
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Re: Into older guys?

Unread postby reddawn » 13 June 2021, 16:36

i've been into older men since i was a teen.

I still like guys in their 40's and 50's

i'm 37 now
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Re: Into older guys?

Unread postby ButchAZ » 15 June 2021, 16:00

My perspective is that of an older guy. A *lot* of young guys are all about hooking up, and then lying there and expecting me to run the show, with no reciprocation whatsoever. Sorry boys, it's a two-way street. It's one thing if you don't know something, but in that case, ask me! Happy to tell you what I like.
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Re: Into older guys?

Unread postby blondbear1 » 15 June 2021, 18:14

I exclusively like older men, since I was a kid I always liked older men, 40s and up, I remember at the locker rooms at our club I would watch the gray hair, their beards and go absolutely nuts. I am not attracted for any person in their 20s, hence some chase me (I'm 46 now) and tried a few times having sex with them but can't get even an erection with a younger fella. IDK the reasons, maybe is a father figure thing, but now I love man in their 60-70s.
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