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LGBT in Russia

Unread postby freberic » 9 April 2021, 00:38

Hi, my name is Miles. If you or your friends are close to the problems of the LGBT community (or if you at least sympathize us in general), then I am asking you to read this information. I'm not asking you to make donations or do anything significant. If you follow the link and click "share" , you will have already done more than I expect. Thank you.

In 2018, I made a trip to Russia, specifically to Moscow. In general, I was satisfied with the time spent in this country, except for one problem…

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth in Russia face formidable barriers to enjoying their fundamental rights to dignity, health, education, information, and association. In Russia, antipathy towards homosexuality and gender variance is not new—LGBT people there have long faced threats, bullying, abuse inside their families, and discrimination—but the 2013 “gay propaganda” law has increased that social hostility. The law has also had a stifling effect on access to affirming education and support services, with harmful consequences for LGBT youth.Russia’s “gay propaganda” law is a classic example of political homophobia. It targets vulnerable sexual and gender minorities for political gain. When Russian president Vladimir Putin signed the federal law in June 2013, he pandered to a conservative domestic support base. And on the international stage, the law helped position Russia as a champion of so-called “traditional values.” The legislation, formally titled the law “aimed at protecting children from information promoting the denial of traditional family values,” bans the “promotion of nontraditional sexual relations to minors”—a reference universally understood to mean a ban on providing children access to information about LGBT people’s lives. The ban includes, but is not limited to, information provided via the press, television, radio, and the internet.This report—based largely on interviews with LGBT youth and mental health professionals in diverse locations in Russia, including urban and rural areas—documents the situation of LGBT youth there today. It looks at their everyday experiences in schools, homes, and in public, and their ability to access reliable and accurate information about themselves as well as counseling and other support services. As one mental health provider explained, “The whole situation is just worsening. As of today, teachers and teachers-psychologists are not allowed to speak positively [on LGBT topics]. They can’t just say to a kid, ‘Hey, everything is normal with you.’

I keep in touch with people I met during my trip through Russia. And today I realized that in this country, the topic of LGBT people is getting more and more restricted every day. That's why I decided to create this fundraiser. I intend to transfer all the money collected by you to the Russian LGBT network, the largest and almost the only foundation in Russia that deals with LGBT discrimination issues (

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Re: LGBT in Russia

Unread postby Nicholas » 9 April 2021, 13:38


Instead of OP’s roundabout way of donating, you can donate directly to the charitable organisation by clicking here:
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