Milton Berle # Jonah Falcon

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Milton Berle # Jonah Falcon

Unread postby olderplsr69 » 7 March 2022, 02:03

Has anybody ever seen either Milton Berle or Jonah Falcon dick I think it's all bullshit and it's just talk I have seen so much more and neither one of them I don't think compares
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Re: Milton Berle # Jonah Falcon

Unread postby Marmaduke » 7 March 2022, 18:20

I may have done, I’m not always the most diligent in establishing names first.
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Re: Milton Berle # Jonah Falcon

Unread postby pozzie » 7 March 2022, 20:42

I am only left to guess what the question is actually asking, so I'm firmly in the no camp.

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Re: Milton Berle # Jonah Falcon

Unread postby asianduck888 » 8 March 2022, 15:21

I've seen Jonah Falcon, but never seen the other guy.
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Re: Milton Berle # Jonah Falcon

Unread postby RGHRGH » 25 March 2022, 21:11

In general, I think in this day and age most large dick size measurements are exaggerated. an "8-inch" is likely a 6.5 or 7 inch. A "10-inch" is likely really an 8.5 or, if the guy is lucky to have it slightly larger, 9. (I even think some "10-inchers" are really just 7.5!) It's very rare that anyone actually has something as humongous as 10-inches. It's way more rare to actually have something as large as 13.5, such as what is claimed about Jonah Falcon.

In fact, I wonder why I've never seen a picture or video of him using a ruler to demonstrate his evidence. A quick google-image search did not pop up any of it, last I checked.

Hell, I came across this article: ... -is-a-lie/.

Granted, Falcon does have a massive dong. It's big, and it turns me on. It's simply not the 13.5 that he keeps wanting to claim it is.

But, again, it's not unusual for guys with huge dycs to exaggerate their sizes; whether the dick is actually 9-, 10-inches or not, saying that it's 9 or 10-inches invokes arousal. The trick seems to work each and every time for most people attracted to dycs.
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