Pheromones in armpits?

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Pheromones in armpits?

Unread postby Cotton82 » 20 December 2020, 07:24

So who here is attracted to a man's natural scent?
I don't know what it is, but the muskiness of a man's BO turns me on.
I like clean balls, but the pungent smell of armpits turns me on.
No deodorant or antiperspirant for me.
Rinse it off & cover it up with AXE body spray on your clothing- not your body.
Is there some sort of pheromone in a man's armpit that allures a sexual attraction?
Sorry but I eat armpits as a fetish, I should be repulsed- but it's like a real attraction for me.
I love the smell...
I'm not talking "homeless" armpits, just young sweaty boys that are "musky"- like in High School Gym Class.
I wash everyday, I just don't use deodorant or antiperspirant.
Is that so wrong?
I cover up by spraying my clothes down to not offend anyone.
There's got to be a powerful pheromone in the armpit gland that is primitive & drives some people wild.
I get a hard on just smelling some guys...
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Re: Pheromones in armpits?

Unread postby J T » 20 December 2020, 08:33

My ex used to like it. He used to get mad at me because I use antiperspirant, he used to say that he liked my natural smell. I do like male’s natural smell. I don’t get as turned on if someone just showered. But me personally don’t like smelling balls and armpits after a whole day of work.

I had to shower right after work, and wash all the antiperspirant from my armpits to keep him happy at home. 😆 I have a strong armpits smell if I don’t use antiperspirant, not even deodorant makes me comfortable.

On the other side, my current partner always brings up when I don’t use it at night 😒 and I got the habit already of only using it after my morning shower ...
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Re: Pheromones in armpits?

Unread postby NobodySpecial » 20 December 2020, 08:54

I don't care for body odor, bad breath, etc. I have also noticed that different people have different smells, I don't know if it is tied to genes, diet, or maybe a combo. I'm guessing it is a combo.

My partner seems to be unique to me. I stink if I don't shower regularly. Even my towel gets to stinking if I don't wash it frequently. I do hang it out to dry, but in a few days it just doesn't smell good.

I remember that my dad also had a similar stink that I couldn't stand. (Note, I only lived with him for 3.5 years from 11 to 14.5 years of age.) I sometimes wonder if we have a natural aversion to people who smell like us as some mechanism to avoid in-breeding with close relatives.

Back to my current partner... He was supposed to quit smoking due to bypasses, but he still does. That can be an overwhelming (negative) smell. However, from his own smells, he rarely has a fowl odor. I envy him that he can go without showering on his days off, and still not smell bad. I do recall one day when he had taken extended time off that his belly and groin started to smell a bit bad. His underarms were not so much the case.

I should mention that years ago, I remembered a bus ride in Italy in particular. A very nice looking older man got on the bus -- great suit, hair slicked back, nice shoes. However, he stunk so bad that I was feeling nauseated. As much as I am drawn to attractive people, nothing like a stench really knock down someone's attractiveness factor.

Another example -- years ago I had a fuck buddy, whose sweat smelled so nice and sweet. I realized later that it was because he drank so much that he was sweating alcohol out his pours.

So in summary, I don't like a stench in a man. It can be a real boner killer. (Probably a bad comment since I have ED, but that is what I think of with stink.)
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Re: Pheromones in armpits?

Unread postby Aladdin » 20 December 2020, 17:46

I understand some people like it. I have no problem with it.

I personally will...feel sick. I'm super sensitive to smells and I will end up throwing up.
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Re: Pheromones in armpits?

Unread postby Marmaduke » 20 December 2020, 18:02

If a guy gets sweaty whilst doing the deed = hot
If a guy already smells like a sweaty mess beforehand = not
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Re: Pheromones in armpits?

Unread postby rogonandi » 20 December 2020, 19:21

I did read that sweat can smell differently depending on how stressed out the guy is. Usually sweat from working out the body smells a lot better than stress sweat. That might have something to do with it.

I react to man smell pretty positively. Though they need not be sweaty for me to smell it. I love the smell of my husband. :3
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Re: Pheromones in armpits?

Unread postby René » 20 December 2020, 20:08

I know what you mean. It can be hot.
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