Question for the bottoms

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Question for the bottoms

Unread postby Harlow_boy » 1 June 2021, 20:56

Hello to the other bottoms out there, IV got a question for those of you who are partnered / those of you that get around lol

How many times a week on average do you take it in the butt?

My boyfriend and I are at arroud 3-4 times a week usually spread over just a couple of days with me being the bottom, I'm not sure how to get this number up with still doing of the prep work involved....

I do give him head every day (I love it!) But I'd like to I'd like to give him my bum a few more times.

How do you keep yourself clean and tidy for those spur of the moment bunnings??? All the planning / prep takes a bit of the magic out of it lol
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Re: Question for the bottoms

Unread postby René » 2 June 2021, 15:53

Varies quite a bit, though lately I really enjoy twice in a day with my husband. :D

It's very common for me to feel like going again half an hour later. :P He's typically not in the mood again so quickly, though :( but usually a couple hours later! I just avoid eating in between.

Being clean for bottoming is ideally more of a lifestyle choice than something you do in the last X hours before having sex.

  1. Good diet with plenty of fibre (both soluble and insoluble, e.g. for breakfast eat oatmeal with All-Bran Buds, Bran Flakes and/or Grape Nuts sprinkled on top; always go for whole grains / wholemeal versions of stuff like pasta and bread and avoid white/refined grains) and healthy fats (olive, coconut, peanut, sesame, butter, etc.)
  2. Drink lots of water (I aim for 4-7 big glasses or about 2 litres a day myself)
  3. Take Pure for Men (I take 3 capsules before the two meals with the least soluble fibre I eat every day, typically lunch and dinner)
These are healthy habits anyway and will reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes etc.

Be sure to do this consistently for at least a week or so in advance, but ideally all the time no matter what.

I also find it helpful to completely avoid spicy foods and caffeine.

And go to the bathroom in the half hour before, go if you can / have to and use wet wipes or something. (I actually just spit on toilet paper as a cheaper / quicker substitute.)

Having said that, a nice guy will not want you to be all anxious and stressed out about being spotless. :)
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Re: Question for the bottoms

Unread postby weedan » 4 June 2021, 23:03

When I was with my ex we had sex like twice a day on average i reckon, I would take it almost all the time. And the tips above from Rene are a good start. Dont stress about it too much though.
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Re: Question for the bottoms

Unread postby Cali Ed » 13 June 2021, 08:50

Spontaneous sex should be joyous for the top and bottom alike. Everything shouldn't be a chore list for the passive sodomite, unless he's committed to being a slave — if so, less power to him!

If I think a top is likely to be sensitive about cleanliness, I'll just make sure to plan for afternoon/early evening, shower right before and not eat till after we're done (the bonus is you can have a cocktail and get really buzzed from the lack of food!). But if he wants to meet late-night or do something spontaneous, I feel he can take his chances. I'm not doing an enema unless he's at least Ansel Elgort level of attractiveness.

Sometimes you'll get a top who doesn't mind — or is actually interested in — a little messy action. These guys are total keepers, or at least good for a return fuck. (I might throw out something like, "I did eat a bit ago, so you never know with buttsex. But I'm certainly down — mind the possibility of a little brown?" "No, I don't give a shit." "Good, 'cause I might.")

I rarely top these days, but when I did so regularly, I honestly didn't care myself — but then I'm a little kinkier than most (and by most, I mean most bareback leather-clad S&M fetishists in San Francisco sex dens). If I get a little brown afterglow, it just means I've made my way deep inside. The one time I was honestly surprised was with this twinky guy I bred and my dick came out at the end absolutely coated in shit and cum ... I didn't think he'd be able to have that much inside him, and I figured he was embarrassed as fuck, so I didn't even plan to make a joke about it like I might normally. But then he gave me this lascivious, mischievous smile — a shit-eating grin, if you will — and said, "Oops, I made a mess, let me clean it up for you." And he just dove on it like an emaciated child with a chocolate popsicle. Now, I have seen some questionable ass-to-mouth play from bottoms (sometimes partying), but this was a new one. I was actually shocked, but in an admiring way for the depth of his depravity. It turns out he was into scat play and we had an amazing second date with that newfound knowledge.

But I assume you won't be eating burritos for two days to ambush your top like this twisted toilet twink, so the risk is probably pretty minimal. Just tell him he's free to play anytime, but he might have to wash his dick afterward. It's the price of admission!
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