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Unread postby a_dude » 22 September 2022, 14:52


I am extremely tired and apathetic all the time, and I don't manage to seduce women. I'm romantically very drained with women and got no drive left. Does having a. sex or so with a man help on this? Does one feel rejuvenated? Say, recharge the "batteries" once in a while so one has energy for women.

I think my psyche has some feminine/female characteristics.
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Re: Question

Unread postby Marmaduke » 22 September 2022, 17:04

Seems kind of a redundant question. If you can’t seduce a woman, what makes you think you can seduce a man? Tired apathy isn’t a trait we tend to look for.
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Re: Question

Unread postby René » 22 September 2022, 17:06

Are you actually attracted to men? Note this has nothing to do with feminine attributes, which most gay men do not possess.
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