Suggestion: Dark Mode

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Suggestion: Dark Mode

Unread postby gameboy1091 » 4 March 2022, 10:05

I was looking at my Board Preferences and was trying to find the dark mode setting.
Black background, white text.

Is there an option closest to this?
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Re: Suggestion: Dark Mode

Unread postby Marmaduke » 4 March 2022, 11:03

There is not an option close to what you describe, no.
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Re: Suggestion: Dark Mode

Unread postby Brenden » 4 March 2022, 14:45

There are browser extensions that achieve this.

It's a feature of more recent forum themes, but we haven't had the time or energy to upgrade the forum to the extent necessary for such themes (especially considering that we have to significantly customise any theme we install).
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Re: Suggestion: Dark Mode

Unread postby PopTart » 5 March 2022, 22:29

Yep, if I'm using the site on my phone it's always in dark mode since my phone is in dark mode.

Doubt I'd set it up on the page for the rare occassions I come here while using my pc.
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