The Awkward question game...

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Re: The Awkward question game...

Unread postby EleniDoSorto66 » 21 January 2016, 20:06

Never tried. . .

EDIT: Nope. Almost, but not quite.

What's the most awkward sexual experience you've had so far?
"'You're critical of everyone,' observes Iris.
'Oh, not everyone,' says Clara in an offhand manner. 'Only everybody who's alive as well as most people who are dead. I feel quite neutral about anybody not yet born.'"
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Re: The Awkward question game...

Unread postby loveinthetmeofcovid » 11 September 2021, 11:52

anzboy wrote:Can it be the other way around? I prefer to bottom, but definitely not my granddad. 84 yr old Asian men are not hot, maybe if it was my French grandpa, while he was still young.
So, top a farm animal.

I felt like I just made this answer more awkward than it should be.

What is the most you ever told someone about the lgbt community? And I am talking about all the in depth big stuff, not the basic stuff like why I am gay and how I know, but like how sex works between two men or women preferably if you had use yourself as an example in describing it to them.

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