Upstairs Lounge Tragedy, 1973

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Upstairs Lounge Tragedy, 1973

Unread postby Retroman76 » 11 February 2019, 17:08

Hello, everyone. It has been a while since I posted. You would be surprised to know how I've mellowed in that interval, considering earlier dialogues. But I have. And I believe myself to be a kinder, gentler, more peaceful person for it. Maybe that's why I'm so preoccupied with making an effort to be more thoughtful and compassionate to those with me in this.

I don't mean to bring everyone down, but what moved me to post here now is the stories I've been reading about the ghastly arson fire at the Upstairs Lounge in Louisiana's French Quarter in 1973. Every now and then I run up against something history/true crime-related that breaks my heart. (It is not difficult, because I am a hypersensitive person, and far more vulnerable than I tend to let on.) Before the mass shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in 2016, there was this, the most devastating mass attack on gay citizens for many years.

I felt it worth mentioning for the benefit of those who don't know of this tragic, tragic night...and the disturbingly unsympathetic news media, clergy, and society at the time.

I think what has hit me hardest is the face of this young man pictured at left in the reprint of the newspaper's front page story on the fire. The pain and horror and grief in his eyes will haunt me for a long time. I'm not a hugging person, but I yearn to reach out and put my arms around him...and all the rest. I hope that he's had a good life otherwise, and is doing okay, along with the other survivors, inasmuch as anyone can ever truly move past something like that.

Just getting this out. Thanks. ... son_attack

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Re: Upstairs Lounge Tragedy, 1973

Unread postby Eryx » 11 February 2019, 18:07

I think I've heard of the story before. Truly awful. Another one of the terrible trials the gay community has had to overcome to get to where we are today. And yet, so much ahead before things are truly fair.

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Re: Upstairs Lounge Tragedy, 1973

Unread postby Victor_Laszlo » 12 February 2019, 00:23

Welcome back Retroman. That's good to hear your feeling a bit more optimistic and at peace. :hug:

I remember seeing this on a documentary a few years ago. The suspect had alot more of a past then touched on in the Wikipedia article. But I'm having trouble finding it.

Thanks for sharing this. It's always good to know our history.

Hope you stick around. :keke:
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