What are you doing right now?

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Re: What are you doing right now?

Unread postby poolerboy0077 » 9 June 2019, 06:11

Wielding dat meat saber.
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Re: What are you doing right now?

Unread postby Brenden » 9 June 2019, 10:02

poolerboy0077 wrote:Looking at airlines for international travel to Europe. Anyone had any experience with EasyJet or Norweigian? They’re incredibly cheap but I don’t know if that’s a good thing. :shifty:

EasyJet is a pretty good budget airline, the second largest in Europe. Much better than their bigger competitor Ryanair, who are complete shite (but usually cheaper, so people use them a lot). Usually have a good experience with intracontinental EasyJet flights. I have no experience with Norwegian so can't compare.
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Re: What are you doing right now?

Unread postby Prince_G_24 » 10 June 2019, 15:22

Just got done with my daily workout. It’s nice to be exercising regularly again, but I forgot how annoying it was nursing sore muscles :(
A life that lives without doing anything is the same as a slow death.
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