What did you dream about last night?

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Re: What did you dream about last night?

Unread postby lightnight » 21 July 2016, 20:49

Talevarde wrote:I dreamt I was in the Adventure Time universe, leading a group of survivors just after the apocalyptic events. It was strange, experiencing the prequel of a very fucked up universe. That cartoon sometimes show the type of things very reminiscent of a dream.

Some elements of the dream though seemed like it came from several dreams ago. Have you ever had memories of a dream but can't recall if you dreamt it last night, or several nights ago?

Were you drawn like an adventure time character too? I felt like this about too, when I watched Adventure Time for the first time. That it seems like a dream.

About memories of dreams, it has happened to me and I think recurring dreams are pretty common for lots of people.
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Re: What did you dream about last night?

Unread postby René » 16 October 2017, 14:58

One of my dreams last night involved riding a kind of Soviet metro system that was so primitive that it didn't even stop at stations; the vehicles had no doors and you had to kind of time it right to jump on and off at the platforms :P
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Re: What did you dream about last night?

Unread postby azelf » 16 October 2017, 15:05

I was followed home at night by a horse
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Re: What did you dream about last night?

Unread postby Ben. » 16 October 2017, 15:44

David3000 wrote:delete
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What did you dream last night?

Unread postby Jzone » 8 February 2018, 22:12

Ok, gang. A post of mine in another thread seems to have started something. This gives the topic a thread of its own. Share your weird, wacky, boring, or revealing subconscious nocturnal remissions here. With or without your own psychoanalysis. My dreams have been active and vivid lately.

In one I was with a group of friends in a large tent. The center pole fell and the tent collapsed. We all tried to be silent and motionless as the shadow of a t-rex fell on the canvas from outside. People kept blaming each other (in whispers) for making the tent wiggle.

In another I was in a library when a couple friends started playing trumpets. I pretended I didn't know them as I made my way to the door. They sounded good though.

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Re: What did you dream last night?

Unread postby Subra » 9 February 2018, 00:17

Last night I dreamt I was in an ancient city of the undead, climbing a tall ladder, looking for a way into the fog realm. There was a human-sized rose with a grin, and as I approached it the mouth turned into a scowl and it showed me its fangs. There was a cathedral made of black stone and ebony.
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Re: What did you dream about last night?

Unread postby Bender » 9 February 2018, 18:34

Nu dreamz yet
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Re: What did you dream about last night?

Unread postby GearFetTwinkRomance » 9 February 2018, 21:39

I must say, my dreaming always has been different and weird. What else could it be, if one's a genuine whack job? *he he* So it's been like an ongoing series for decades, pretty well. I call it my "silly dreams island" and they are recurring dreams quite a lot. They come with score music, and I usually have my work base computer on standby, so if I wake up and have dreamt up something noteworthy in music or such, I can put it right into the sequencer. Not all the dreams are like that.

Last night it was rather gloomy, dark and twisted. I went windsurf-snowboard-downhill-sailing on a moving slope of liquid snow, sort of like a slo-mo avalanche of sorts. Somehow, everyone else got stuck, but me and the sky was of a glassy green. I thought the colours are terribly wrong in this dream. And I got a bit sad, because of all the blokes getting stuck around me, so they couldn't really enjoy their ride. Seemed to be my fault, somehow. Maybe I triggered the damn avalanche, even. There was that unknown creature roaring around the woods. Sound like a coughing squirrel pitched down 2 octaves. Nobody cared about it. I didn't like that dream and I wanted to switch to another dream level, but as usual, in the dream, not quite certain, if that was a dream, I couldn't switch. And then my sail was ripped by some dead tree that came rushing down all the sudden. I woke up and had to go to the bathroom.

If dreams would mean something, I think I'd fire the whole producer's crew! :angry:
I mean, if there's time for dreams, why can't I dream of something decent?
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Re: What did you dream about last night?

Unread postby Severelius » 9 February 2018, 21:56

A woman is invited by some scientists for no good reason to look at their laboratory, where they've got a bunch of lizards in big tubes for no good reason. But they've done something to them to make these lizards rapidly and repeatedly evolve for no good reason. As she watches, horrified, one of them, a big red one, evolves into Frankenstein's monster. For no good reason. She feels compelled to release it for no good reason, whereupon it evolves again into a rather attractive man.

It gets odd and vague from there and I was woken up just as she was cross-dressing to impersonate Hitler as the evolved-lizard-sexy-Frankenstein was impersonating Stalin in order to escape the lab which I guess all along was a collaborative Nazi and Soviet WW2-era secret base that I seem to recall being on the moon for some reason.

... I wish I was making a word of that up but that nonsense is what my brain supplied me with last night.
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Re: What did you dream about last night?

Unread postby poolerboy0077 » 10 February 2018, 04:19

Being chased by a Pennywise-like character. Luckily it wasn’t as traumatizing as it could’ve been but yeesh. I blame the green salsa I made last night.
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Unread postby ceez » 2 February 2019, 01:48

Don't know if this will catch on but I thought I would make a thread to share dreams.

So mine from last night shows how desperate I am to get laid, I was at a party and this cute guy walks by and I said I would love to bone him, I blinked and he was naked and we started having sex in front of everyone.

But then it got weird :D , the guy just disappeared and the people at the party started to judge my performance. I remember one guy saying the position of my leg was off :rofl:
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Re: Dreams

Unread postby Toddo » 7 February 2019, 14:55

This is a pretty weird dream I had, just a warning if you do actually read it...

So my dream started off in a big warehouse type building... It was square and it had 3 floors... It seemed like a museum of some sort, like the one you saw in night of the museum the movie if you have ever seen that. I was on the 2nd floor sitting and looking at some paintings that i couldn't really make out, it was sort of blurry. All of a sudden I see this person walk up to me, which i have never seen in real life and he screams Todd as if we knew each other. I get a better look and I scream Alex and we both run at each other and hug each other. Apparently I knew him in my dream, I ask how he's been and why I haven't seen him in such a long time... He answers with I've been busy in my life but I heard you were going to be here today so I had to come and see you. We acted like we were best friends and I acted like I had a crush on him lol

Next thing you know I see a high school best friend (someone in actually knew) came up to me and started to catch up... After that a group of friends I knew in high school started to surround me, (when I say a group I mean pretty much a class of like 20) we all started to catch up... There was a moment in the conversations where I just looked around and saw everyone's faces smiling and just happy to be there. So I raised my voice a little and I said hey everyone I have something to tell you, you might not know this but I'm gay and I've been out of the closet for a year... When I said that a lot of them moved away from me (including Alex) the only one that came up to hug me was my best friend from high school.

So I was pretty depressed mainly because of this person Alex was going out of his way to try and ignore me. So I raised my wrist and I flew off like spiderman lolol I swinging from wall to wall thinking about how the group hated me. I swung down to the first floor and I sat down by this water fountain... I looked at the water and thought how peaceful it was... So I dunked my head in as if I was trying to drown myself... Which I did drown myself, I died. My spirit remained though... I was looking over my body thinking to myself there has to be a way to come back k to life.

I started to swing away again like spiderman. I went up to Alex and I said so you don't care for me anymore, he said what do you mean, I care for you. Then all of a sudden these snakes came out from my stomach and bit him, they killed him. A few moments later I was alive again, but I couldn't swing around like spiderman anymore though. I tried and tried and I couldn't, I look around and Alex's body has disappeared. I started to think to myself he took my power away...

So I find my best friend and we start walking around the museum... We run into this guy his name is Mochael, I said you mean Michael? She says no it's Mochael. I kept repeating the name because I kept saying it wrong and she kept correcting me. So I said fuck it I'll just call him Mo. So Mo is sitting down at a lunch table with some other people. My friend asks you think he's cute huh, I say yeah I do you should go find out for me if he's gay. She says ok I'll go do that but I'll call you over if I think he is. So she goes over there talks with him and after finding out she calls me over. I'm thinking to myself man I wish I had my powers so I can impress him, I raise up my wrist and I say please let me have this one time so I can impress him... String hits the wall and I swing in like spiderman... Except I missed my target ended up sliding underneath the table right under Mo's legs... Mo looks down and says so do you always make an entrance like this? I quickly got up and laughed and said only for people I think are cute... He chuckled... He says well maybe you'll see my cute face again sometime and gets up with his friends and leaves to go walk the museum.... My friend says after they left real subtle Todd real subtle....

So we start walking around again, I try to use my powers but it's not working. I start to have a complex over it, I start to freak out. Saying to myself Alex took my powers... Over and over again... I literally drop to my knees and start crying because I miss Alex and I miss my powers... It's on my mind to the point where I start calling his name out looking for him. After going round and round in the museum I finally see him, he looked like he was alive but I knew that I killed him... I walked up to him and I said how are you alive? He told me he never died... Then snakes came out of his stomach and bit me... I fell to the ground and I could t move....

And that's when the dream ended...

Yeah I fi d it really weird seeing someone in your dream that you have never seen and in the dream it feels like you have known them your whole life, even having feelings for them... Alex I felt like he was the love of my life everytime I was around him I got all choked up... Mo on the other hand was just eye candy...
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Re: Dreams

Unread postby dicksonllee » 8 February 2019, 00:58

Is this thread like a dream diary thing?

So my dream last night is about me moving from China to Taiwan (I'm not actually from China). On the first day after I settled in, a politician came and ask me to support him to promote democratic system and oppose communism but I couldn't really understand what he was saying, especially the word "ki qi" (not sure what that word really means). He then gave me a bottle of Shao Xing rice wine which seems pretty expensive during that time.

After that day I was talking to someone who apparently is my housemate and I say I hate rice wine, so I gave the wine to him. Not long after that, the politician came again and I say "look, I'm from China and I don't really know what 'ki qi' means, and I don't like the rice wine so I gave it to my housemate".

The politician then scream at me asking me why I didn't tell him sooner. I told him I tried to, but he just won't stop talking and listen to me.

Edit: Ki Qi sounds more Hokkien than Cantonese so I'm guessing it's Taiwan, not Hong Kong.
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Re: Dreams

Unread postby void30 » 11 February 2019, 08:17

Had two in a sequence. Warning, the following is a bit weird:

The first part I am trapped and forced to wear exposing clothing in a glass jar and being watched by people who are aroused by it.

The second one I am wearing a very tight spandex outfit with cutouts around my stomach, upper chest, and legs but I'm immobile in a metal machine and several people are having sex with me, guys from behind and girls somehow coming from some awkward upside down angle, taking turns. I can't move anything or talk and I am blindfolded. Every body part was frozen.

Part of this was a nightmare cause I had no say in it and panicked a little but part of me wants this to happen in real life but people aren't into that sort of thing lol
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