What pissed you off and made you lose your faith in humanity today?

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Re: What pissed you off and made you lose your faith in humanity today

Unread postby GearFetTwinkRomance » 4 January 2020, 16:49

poolerboy0077 wrote:Justin just released the worst song from his upcoming album. His Purpose Album had some fillers in there that were whatever but at least he and his team had the good sense not to lead with them when enticing others to listen. How do you go from “you give me purpose” (2015) to “that yummy yummy” (2020)?!

He should not have toured Germany, I guess. That's what happens if they visit Europe, they probably sent him to yummy-yummy-restaurants:

And there's that certain quality reduction factor, that will affect a lot of musicians and singers really, after they have become the slaves of fame-.Their work often will take a quality reduction slope down. It can't be just the dope. Else Snoop dog would be all but brain fries by now ... well, he did some weird mindless songs, too.

Justin should have gone to have some fun with cute Nash Grier instead - I mean, boyz gotta play and those things. So might also be the girly influence going on, that makes for mushy creativity. Mushy like... well there's a German word that sounds a bit like that, "Muschi", but it's meaning is more like the lair of female tentacles ...uhm ... hence the mushy reference :noes:

( I hope that wasn't too sexist or something-ist

Loosing faith in humanity ... all done long ago, but things I read in the news lately. I hope nobody deliberately starts up wars and that like. And someone having been murdered in Toronto, happens to Trans people more often, or would seem like that. They seem to be the new scape goat of hate or something.
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