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About Christopher

Unread postby Koftruecross » 11 January 2019, 17:19

Hi all,
My name is Christopher. I'm 57 years old. I have a post graduate degree in Art History. I live in deepest darkest Appalachia. Am not originally from this area. I just love the forests,lakes and rivers.
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Haven't always lived here.

Unread postby Koftruecross » 11 January 2019, 17:56

Just wanted to say I haven't always lived in the deep woods. When I was younger I got my fill of places like L.A. , Chicago, London and all over Italy. Some of my gay friends think I'm strange for wanting to live here. I love it because no one bothers me here. Where else can one go swimming naked with my gay friends in a moonlit lake in the middle of the night without being bothered. It's so incredibly DARK at night down in these hollows nobody can see you anyway unless they are standing quite near to you. I have no rent nor mortgage to pay. Everything just seems to click here for me here. After many years of struggling in the city I moved here and I got the right job, the right friends and the right place to live. My Dad used to take me deer hunting in the Alleghenny Forests in Pennsylvania. That may be where I got my love for the woods. I don't deer hunt anymore. I never enjoyed that part of it. I would sleep in a cave while Dad stalked the deer.
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The velvet's worn off.

Unread postby Koftruecross » 11 January 2019, 21:51

But at 57 I'm thankful I still have hair and teeth. We can't stay young forever. But my Corey Boy is extremely busy constantly endevouring to try. He practices Pennsylvania Dutch Hex magic. Unfortunately he's not a Hex Master. However I do believe he put a spell on me. Whenever I'm around him I lose ALL self control. I lose all common sense. Corey is like cocaine or heroine in my system. I just cant quit him. Over the course of many years Corey and I have been on again off again. Many times. He leaves sometimes for years at a time. But he always comes back to me. With Corey there is never a final act.
I have had many lovers, male and female over the years but none like Corey. He's the only one I love.
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Re: About Christopher

Unread postby Capt._Trips » 11 January 2019, 23:59

Hey there. Welcome to GFO. My name is Christopher to. .:keke:

You should fill out the new member questionnaire. So we can get to know you some more.
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Where in Pennsylvania are you from?

Hope to see you around.
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Re: About Christopher

Unread postby xrayspex78 » 12 January 2019, 02:01

Howdy Christopher!! Yikes invasion of the Christopher’s! :rofl:

Welcome to GFO! Glad to have ya here!! :) enjoy your time and stay here! I seen your post of your Pioneer turntable!!!! :thumbsupwink: a fellow audio guy? I hope...crosses fingers
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Re: About Christopher

Unread postby Koftruecross » 12 January 2019, 02:16

Thank you much for the warm welcome. I'm afraid to play The Pioneer often because I am afraid the needle will wear out as it did with a friend of mine. He searched the entire world wide web and had no luck at all finding a replacement. I guess I should have bought an extra needle forty two years ago. Back then I could not think that far ahead into the future. Had other things on my mind like going to see Led Zeppelin live in concert. Lucky for me I saw them then. 1977 was the last time they ever played here. Tour was cut short that year.
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