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Unread postby Bachelor Thesis » 7 November 2019, 11:42

Dear everyone,

I am currently researching gay slang, and I am trying to find out how 'gay' gay slang actually is, so I need your help. I have a few questions regarding the users, meaning and context of the following ten terms, please answer them as you see fit.

Three questions:
1. Who would use this word?
2. What does this word mean?
3. In what context would this word be used?

About the following ten terms:

1. ''to slay''
Example Sentence: ''I am here to fucking slay''

2. ''Extra''
Example Sentence:''you bitches were so extra this season ''

3. ''Shade''
Example Sentence: ''You were trying to be shady ''

4. '' trade''
Example Sentence: ''did nobody say there was actual trade in here?

5. '' gagged''
Example sentence: ''Oh you was gagged''

6. '' Tucking''
Example Sentence:''Are you familiar with tucking ?''

7. '' Yaaaaasss!''
Example Sentence:''Yaaasss Queen!''

8. '' Condragulations!''
Example Sentence:''Condragulations to the stars, the queens!''

9. ' Squirrel Friends'
Example Sentence:''so just between us squirrel friends ''

Example Sentence:''You cunty bitch queen ''
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