Current situation

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Current situation

Unread postby IBlakey2930 » 24 July 2020, 22:45

It has taken me a while to finally come round to and get myself used to the fact of being Gay regards sexuality. I have only reached this conclusion recently.

I'm now beginning to ask myself, and others who know, how best to go forward. One of the things which I'm commonly told is to find a group of friends first (men obviously) or mixed LGBT etc which I could become friendly with a man from.

I have tried using Facebook, and spoke with a charity local to me. The results that I have received have been limited due to the charity's nature, Facebook groups being unreliable and no local groups on (nearest Gay Friends group is quite a distance and requires payment for membership).

I myself am suffering with vulnerability both sexuality and health wise.

I was wondering if anyone could help me with this as I have been told by family and friends that the best way into a potential Gay (or Straight) relationship is to be friends first.

I'm looking for any suggestions, advice and recommendations for how to make Gay friends in a safe, secure and vulnerable risk free way - both online and offline.

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Re: Current situation

Unread postby biguy87 » 25 July 2020, 21:26

Hi Blakey.

You've come to the right place for making friends online. You might want to start by telling us a bit more about yourself. There is a questionnaire at the top of the introductions forum which you may want to fill in. Whether or not you choose to fill it in, you'll find there's a great bunch of guys on this site so get posting and you'll make some friends in no time.
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Re: Current situation

Unread postby IBlakey2930 » 25 July 2020, 22:39

First name: Ian
Age: 29
Orientation: Gay
Where you live: Redcar, near Middlesbrough, UK.
Where you're from: Middlesbrough
What you do (job, schooling, etc.): Unemployed.
Dream Job: IT job, Mentoring Job.
Religion (or lack thereof): Christian.
Political philosophy: None
Interests and hobbies: Walking and Trains
Drinking, drugs or sobriety?: Don't drink or take drugs.
Special talents: Considered to be a pastoral, kind and caring person. Good people skills.
Pet peeves: Quick decisions, Being put under pressure, Short notice.
Personal hero: Jesus Christ, Superman.
Favourite real-life homosexual: John Barrowman, Boy George, Stephen Fry.
Favourite movies: Disney - Mary Poppins, Musicals - Sound of Music, Mamma Mia. Crime - Agatha Christie Poirot/Miss Marple.
Favourite TV shows: Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons.
Favourite music: Christian Music, Movie soundtracks.
Favourite books: Crime, The Bible, Puzzle books, Railway books.
Favourite food: Quiche, Pasta.
A quote to live by: An energetic nature with a very active mind, strives for the best in life and is an achiever. An outstanding individual. Considered by my friends to be kind, caring, looks out for others, supportive and wants the best for others.
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Re: Current situation

Unread postby René » 26 July 2020, 20:21

Hey Ian, welcome to the forum! :keke:
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Re: Current situation

Unread postby Eryx » 28 July 2020, 14:14

Maybe the attempts have been limited because the UK is also being severely impacted by the pandemic? I wouldn't go to meet-ups right now, I'm sure many others share my feelings lol.

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