Family strife due to split on Gay attitudes

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Family strife due to split on Gay attitudes

Unread postby Twinster-53 » 11 September 2022, 02:00

I am a straight female 69 years old and looking for insight/advice. My presence here will be temporary. I raised 3 children: daughter turning 37; son (doctor) turning 35, and son (31). In 2012 our family was torn apart when daughter (having fallen in love with conservative catholic guy) comes out and proudly denounces gays, includeing my youngest son. Her wedding was coming up. I would not give her money for her wedding, nor attend, as I could not celebrate this negative influence she brought into her life and ours. I was not actually invited to wedding. Gay son did not attend wedding but father and other brother did. Doctor brother is very supportive of his gay brother and supports gay orgnizations, laws, etc. The problem is that my gay son no longer sees his sister. I maintain a minimum connection to my daughter in order to see my 2 grandchildren. I do not like my daughter. If it weren't for my grandchildren I would never see her again because she has become ignorant and cruel due to religion. I find myself angry with doctor son for not not standing up for his gay brother and for giving the appearance that all is ok. For awhile doctor son and I thought this was a phase we could talk my daughter out of. We now know that it isn't. I feel torn. My 5 year old grandson might be gay. Should I hang in there to support him if that is true? Or should I risk never having contact with my daughter & grandchildren again, by putting my foot down and telling my daughter how cruel and unacceptable her belief's and conduct are. I've tried to bring up the topic, but am not actually "allowed". When I break her rules by bring up gay topic, I am punished by not being allowed to see my grandchildren for 2-6 months (we live just 6 miles apart). If someone (persons unknown) could talk her into believing this crap, I feel there is a chance we (other son & I) could talk her out of it. But her house rules do not allow the topic to come up. Im leaning toward bring the situation to a head and resolving it one way or the other, rather than living with the hurt it causes to my gay son. Pick any aspect of this delema and give advice or insight.
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Re: Family strife due to split on Gay attitudes

Unread postby asianduck888 » 25 September 2022, 11:05

go see psychologist or whoever good in family relation psychologist. this sounds complicated.
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