Greetings from Sweden

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Greetings from Sweden

Unread postby JensJ » 24 January 2019, 00:40


This is my first time ever writing on a forum in my life so forgive me if this is not one of your average introductions or if it's boring.
My name is Jens and I'm a 20 year old boy, or man (depending on how you wanna see on it), from Sweden. I've been told my English is good but it's not my native language so please bare with me.

First off, I have no knowledge of who will ever read this nor do I really know why I'm writing it to begin with. I have no expectations or anything whatsoever, I'm just having one of those days when I'm feeling very lost as I tend to do and I wanted to vent it out somewhere. Sometimes I think it's just who I am, but sometimes I can't help but feel like there's something wrong with me. As if I'm programmed differently compared to the status quo or something.

I live in a small town in the northeastern part of Sweden. One of those places where everyone knows everyone, and I've really grown to hate it here. You know, people tend to talk about what a LGBTQ+ friendly country Sweden is, but it all comes down to where on the map you're located. I've lived here for nearly 21 years and I've never seen an openly gay person in my area. Therefore I've never had someone I could ask for advice, and growing up I remember always wishing that I had a peer of equals I could look to for support.

I think I first started to understand that I was gay when I was around 10 or 11, after realizing that girls didn't attract me at all. I remember thinking that the boys in my school were prettier than the girls and that confused me, since it clashed with how I was being raised. After I hit puberty I truly started to grasp the bigger picture of what being gay meant and how difficult it is to be gay when you live in a small town. I'm currently still in the closet for some of my friends and all of my family. I'm also the only child, which not only gives me pressure to deliver the grandchildren that my parents desperately wants and carry on my legacy, but I'm constantly scared and/or worried that I let them down by coming out. I don't have a very strong bond with my father. We're the complete opposites and we don't get each other at all, and we never talk feelings. This has always made my situation felt worse and made me push the coming-out scenario to where I am today.

I know these are issues I have to face on my own and I'm slowly working my way up to that point, but it feels great to just type it out. Like some sort of self-performed therapy or something I guess. I would also like to apologize, if you've come this far, if this introduction bummed you out. They say it's good to open your heart sometimes and today was one of those days. As I mentioned before I'm not expecting anything from this, but it would definitely make me feel less lonely if there was someone out there who have had or is currently going through a similar situation as I am in. And also, I'm not always as down as this - I can be funny sometimes too. I promise!! :P

First name: Jens
Age: 20
Orientation: Gay
Where you live: Sweden
Where you're from: Small town
What you do (job, schooling, etc.): Trying to save up a fortune so I can move away
Dream Job: Artist or dancer
Religion (or lack thereof): I believe in a higher being but I don't identify with a religion as of now
Political philosophy: I truly believe more women should be in charge in this world
Interests and hobbies: Singing, dancing, writing, working out, playing PC games
Drinking, drugs or sobriety?: Sobriety, no drugs
Special talents: I'm a good drawer
Pet peeves: Chewing with open mouth
Personal hero: Still waiting for mine
Favourite real-life homosexual:
Favourite movies: The Alien franchise, or anything with horror
Favourite TV shows: I don't really watch TV shows
Favourite music: 80's or 90's music, or anything from Madonna
Favourite books: The Millennium Trilogy
Favourite food: Chicken
A quote to live by: Treat those around you as one's self would wish to be treated
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Re: Greetings from Sweden

Unread postby Capt._Trips » 24 January 2019, 01:02

I think that was an awesome introduction. :P

Welcome to GFO Jens. There are plenty of good people here.

I totally relate to the small town thing. Sometimes seems like people care more about my sexuality then I do. :facepalm2:

I love horror movies. :keke: What are some of your favorites?

You got an opinion on all the remakes? I personally don't really like when they remake a great movie. But I understand why they do.

Hope to see you around.

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Re: Greetings from Sweden

Unread postby mxguy01 » 29 January 2019, 16:04

Oh my God, he used paragraph breaks and all!

Ok, on the serious side welcome and hope you stick around.

This forum is for venting and people will listen. I can totally understand it is about circumstances. Honestly I'd say forulate a plan to change the circumstances. If it we're me to do over I would do just that but hindsight is not such a good thing at times. Best I can say is make your choices as you feel you need to and accept that you did your best at the time.

It's good that you're out to at least someone. Re your Dad, you don't state it but I'll ask, do you feel he would have a negative reaction to your being gay? Some people show less emotions but still feel them so your description of him could be just that.

As far as responsibility (to provide grandchildren), I would tell my own children to this day to do what they feel they need to do being responsible for themselves. In that we all have to do for ourselves. Specifically I'm referring to finding our happiness and health. Those should always be our top priorities for ourselves.
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Re: Greetings from Sweden

Unread postby shadow_x » 29 January 2019, 20:30

Welcome Jens ! You’re going to be a great addition in the community.
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Re: Greetings from Sweden

Unread postby DannyBoy99 » 31 January 2019, 18:00

Welcome man! :)
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Re: Greetings from Sweden

Unread postby Lionheart » 13 February 2019, 07:46

Welcome, Jens. You're a very nice looking young man and you express yourself very well. I hope you find this forum to be supportive. I too am new here and just coming out as gay at 51 years old.
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Re: Greetings from Sweden

Unread postby Brasileiro » 13 February 2019, 12:48

Hello, welcome!
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Re: Greetings from Sweden

Unread postby Toddo » 13 February 2019, 21:42

Welcome to GFO =]
I'm a Fricking Delight =]

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Re: Greetings from Sweden

Unread postby Shaved-Nudist » 13 February 2019, 23:23

Welcome aboard!
Hope that you enjoy the site.
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