Guy messaged me again, should I reply?

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Guy messaged me again, should I reply?

Unread postby BrianOM28 » 17 March 2020, 19:40


I was talking to a guy on Grindr a few weeks ago and we had a good chat. I suggested meeting at a weekend and he said he might have had plans, and he'd let me know. He then seemed annoyed, or maybe jokingly, that I said I couldn't meet on the Friday as already had plans. He sent that rolling eyes emoji. So I wasn't sure about his attitude. I then messaged him again saying how are you, and no reply for a few weeks.

Now he's messaged saying how are you. I feel like I shouldn't bother as he ignored me, I know this is often the case on Grindr, on it too much haha. But I do like him, as in potentially like him. I feel like he ignored me and looked around for someone better, hasn't found anyone so he's coming back to me.

If I do reply, I doubt he'd actually suggest meeting. A lot of people seem so shocked when you suggest actually meeting, as if they just want to endlessly chat!!

Shoudl I reply? Any advice welcome thanks.
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Re: Guy messaged me again, should I reply?

Unread postby Capt._Trips » 17 March 2020, 23:37

I personally would'nt bother responding. But I've always had kinda strict standards for grindr.

I'm surprised you seem to run into a lot of guys not wanting to meet. I've had the opposite problem with guys wanting to meet after like 3 lines of dialogue.
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Re: Guy messaged me again, should I reply?

Unread postby Eryx » 18 March 2020, 23:30

He might not remember you since so much time has passed. The fact that he's so quick to get annoyed with someone having different plans would be kind of a red flag for me, because those kinds of guys can get impatient with lots of things too fast and want everything when they want it. On the other hand, people are so used to being stood up on Grindr that they always feel like "I have plans" means "I don't really want to see you, but I haven't thought of a good excuse."

I'm not too bothered by it all anyway though, I'd reply just to see what he has to say.

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