Guys in crop tops

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Guys in crop tops

Unread postby Dylan_27 » 11 April 2022, 05:49

Hi All,

My name is Dylan, I'm 27 and I'm totally into guys wearing crop tops. My favourite crop top is a DIY cut-off t-shirt with a tight midriff and a nice belly button. Especially when combined with tight skimpy bottoms like Speedos. For me there is nothing sexier than that. Unfortunately there is so little to find on the internet when it comes to guys wearing crop tops. I can't find any like minded people it seems, and that tens to leave me feeling a bit alone in my "special" preference. My question to you guys is: is there anybody out there who's also into crop tops? And if so, what do you like about them? I myself, when I have the house to myself, like to wear a crop top and Speedos. It makes feel free and sexy. So there it is, it's out there. Please don't ridicule me, just send me your thoughts/opinions and maybe we can start a conversation.

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Re: Guys in crop tops

Unread postby Pink » 13 April 2022, 12:29

HI,Dylan. Could you show some pics, I'm love it too.
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Re: Guys in crop tops

Unread postby Dorkus Malorkus » 6 May 2022, 21:52

This isnt a kink site.. who cares about guys in crop tops.
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