Hai, I'm new.

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Hai, I'm new.

Unread postby AstralPaws » 31 October 2019, 05:12

First name: Jordyn
Nickname(s)?: Jordie
Age: 16
Orientation: Bisexual, Panromantic
Where you live: USA
Where you're from: USA
What you do (job, schooling, etc.): I go to school, and I sell art.
Dream Job: Animator
Interests and hobbies: I love to draw and craft things. I also love to cosplay.
Special talents: I can play the Viola.
Pet peeves: I'm short so my pet peeve is when people crouch down to talk to me.
Personal hero: Ellen DeGeneres
Favourite real-life homosexual: Ellen DeGeneres
Favourite movies: Heathers, Zootopia, and The Hustle.
Favourite TV shows: New Amsterdam, Manifest, any anime really.
Favourite music: Forget, Bad guy, Come Little Children,Guillotine, Let me through, and Hanging Tree.
Favourite books: Warrior cats.
Favourite food: I love all foods, I have no favorite.
A quote to live by: "Its very frustrating being a girl and trying to flirt with other girls. Like, you tell them 'You're cute' and they're like 'Aww, thank you...'No, no I'm being gay with you... homo intended, damit."
Extra: I'm a furry OwO
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Re: Hai, I'm new.

Unread postby Brasileiro » 31 October 2019, 08:54

Hi Jordyn, welcome.
I have nothing in common except that people used to crouch to talk to me when I was in my wheelchair. And I draw, but nothing special or that will sell.
Are you a person with a height below average ?
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Re: Hai, I'm new.

Unread postby AstralPaws » 1 November 2019, 02:13

I'm not below the avarage height, everyone I know is just tall, It can be funny at times, and weird at others.
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Re: Hai, I'm new.

Unread postby RenĂ© » 21 November 2019, 23:18

Welcome Jordyn, good to have you with us :keke:
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Re: Hai, I'm new.

Unread postby GearFetTwinkRomance » 22 November 2019, 05:47

Welcome to GFO, Jordyn!

Yah, isn't it awkward how people seem to think a foot of distance would imply an ear problem? Remind me of folks that go tiptoe to shout at tall folks' faces.

Like the drawing, too. Do you have a deviant art account? I do dragons a lot.
If ya want to hang with me, let's go windsurfing!

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Re: Hai, I'm new.

Unread postby kenzie_matt » 25 November 2019, 13:22

Welcome, Jordyn!
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