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Hello friends

Unread postby alilou » 8 February 2019, 16:41

Hello there,m'y name is alaa,I'mgay, 25 years old,I work as a freelance makeup artist and I'm from algeria ,not a well known country, I had some doubts abt weather I should post something or just stay away and observe,bcuz everytime I try to be a member of a forum or make new friends from other countries nobody takes interest in me and I end up completly ignored and that really hurts my feelings,I really want to make friends real ones ,not hypocrits like the ones I have right now.cuz no one is gonna fully grasp what is it like to be gay better than another gay.I'm proud of who I am and how i turned my life from a scared lil effeminate gay boy to the strong confident person I am today.I have many topics that I'd like to discuss with all of you and I'll try to post them one by one and may be we can help each other
Looking forward to your replies.alaa
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Re: Hello friends

Unread postby Stardust » 8 February 2019, 21:28

Hey and welcome :hug:

There is a questionnaire thing you can fill out if you like too?

I'm sorry you've felt ignored before :( It's a feeling I've had too in the past, I hope you feel better here.

Feel free to post about anything that's on your mind :)
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Re: Hello friends

Unread postby Shaved-Nudist » 8 February 2019, 23:30

Welcome aboard! Hope that you enjoy the site.

A good way to start is by filling an Introduction Form so we can get to know you..

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Favourite real-life homosexual:
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A quote to live by:
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Re: Hello friends

Unread postby alilou » 9 February 2019, 00:17

Thann you for your replies
I didnt know there was an introduction forming will fill it right away
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Re: Hello friends

Unread postby Eryx » 11 February 2019, 14:16

Welcome!! I've heard about Algeria but I have to admit I don't know what life's like there. Are people okay with homosexuality or is it taboo?

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Re: Hello friends

Unread postby Brasileiro » 11 February 2019, 14:39

Hi, welcome.
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