Hello from confused in his sexuality guy

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Hello from confused in his sexuality guy

Unread postby Maxim » 10 March 2021, 00:44

Hello! I am new in this forum. My name is Maxim, i'm 21 years old.
For a long time i was thinking that i am a straight guy but i found myself thinking what feelings i can get if i be with a man.
I still count myself as a straight but i cannot stop thinking about being with the man.
It was a hard decision to register here, but now as i writing this post i feel more and more comfortable.
I want to talk more with people out here and maybe.. make some friends.
That's all that i can tell about myself..
Sorry for my shyness and mistakes that i could make in this post.. Unfortunately english is not my main language..
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Re: Hello from confused in his sexuality guy

Unread postby Raynethemagi » 10 March 2021, 01:20

Hi Maxim. It's ok to be shy, but I promise you, most guys here are pretty nice. I've met some pretty nice guys here myself. You'll fit in just fine here. Maybe you'll get enough exposure to gay men that it'll help solidify what you are into sexually, or your preference.
Here's an example of the Universe trying to tell you that you need healing in an area of your life:

Someone who struggles with showing emotion. This person, in their lifetime, will constantly struggle with this, and that is because, they choose to ignore or disregard the fact that they have trouble showing emotion. Most people will ignore this issue, and will continue to fracture themselves. And this goes with pretty much any problem that happens in your life that is recurring. Don't pass up an opportunity to make you "whole" again.
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Re: Hello from confused in his sexuality guy

Unread postby aaron1a28 » 14 March 2021, 05:58

Hello Maxim, I too identified as a straight man my whole life. I'm 28 now which feels like a pretty late time in one's life to be unsure about one's sexual orientation but I grew up in a very religious house in which being gay meant a death sentence from G-d. As a result, I naturally blocked any sort of feelings or thoughts which I perceived as gay. Being straight and attracted to women felt "good" and "right" because it was what my family thought was the natural and unsinful way.

However, ever since I became an agnostic, I've been questioning everything and revisiting unresolved issues within me. I realized that all my life I always felt uncomfortable with hot guys because I had to repress any sort of hint of a desire. I also remembered that as a young teen I had sexual fantasies about being bullied by guys. These weird fantasies didn't seem gay at the time, I just thought I was different. Now for the past five years I find myself having more and more gay fantasies. It has gotten to the point where I cannot say I'm straight with a straight face (pun intended).

I like the female form but I now know I'm more attracted to male parts than female parts. I guess I'm Bi. Point is, it's never too late to discover your true identity. It just takes time to figure it all out.
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Re: Hello from confused in his sexuality guy

Unread postby harel » 6 April 2021, 22:08

Nice to see you. Are you an Eastern European? I am asking you, because Maxim is an Eastern European name. Frankly speaking, I have been also shy to write posts here and I am surprised that most of my posts have been understood. So, do not worry!
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