Hello from Winnipeg!

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Re: Hello from Winnipeg!

Unread postby goDXes » 15 August 2020, 15:53

Halt Arrtay wrote:
goDXes wrote:
Halt Arrtay wrote:It is nice to meet you Stephen! I see you like Futurama. Which episode is your favorite?

The classics like "Meanwhile" and "Jurassic Bark"!

And yourself??

My two favorite are "Why must I Be a Crustacean in love" and "Insane in the mainframe".

Who is your favorite character?

Sorry for the late response! Idk how I missed this.

Nice!! Zoidberg is great, but I gotta say my fav character is probably Fry. I really enjoy his "relationship" with Leila. When the writers started to focus on their relationship arc, I found the series got a bit better, and I enjoyed that alot.

And you?? :)
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Re: Hello from Winnipeg!

Unread postby Halt Arrtay » 27 August 2020, 01:55

Sorry for My late response. I updated my computer and the update Powerwashed it and so I did not realize my notifications were deleted. My favorite character is Scruffy the janitor.
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