hello guys

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hello guys

Unread postby kluckluck » 21 April 2021, 20:38

hey there!

my name is luc.

and im am out and proud for like 3 years for my friends and 1 year for my parents and just wanted to share my story.
so i was doing a plumber eduacation, sooo yeah, builders....
and i was very confused about my sexuality and teenagers being teenagers in the netherlands it was ''you effing faggot!''
''bro why would you do that you big gay fuck!''
this madde me even worse (btw this was 4 or sum years ago) and i even was starting to get into a depression.
not the kind where you lock yourself up and do nothing all day no, i was ''happy'' on the outside..... only on the outside tho.
till i came to the school where i reuinited with my midlle school bestfriend.
and whe hung out i started to lose weight ( like allot) and we where doingthe normal stuff every teenager was doing.
i only had 1 big effing secret.
and this was at the time that i was like ''yeah ion like females. i like men.'' and at first i told my best friend and i kid you not this was what he said '' bruh i thought you already was out of the closet.'' (0_0).

the end.

but i came her e because i wanted to talk to other gays.
or to people who wher not out yet...

ooh wait the story of how i came out to my parents.
so my parents are divorced.
and i live with my dad.
and my stepmom knew like 2 months before my dad cause he is this tough ass guy like...
and btw i am very sorry but i am excited to talk to every1 of you but i have adhd... really bad and in the evening like this i dont type like i walk i am like sprinting falling gettin back up again and repeat.
so my dear excuses for this messy ass story.

but yeah my stepmom knew my dad knew later nothing very special.
but how i came out to my mum was gold.

so lil backstory.
i have this very nice but annoying uncle.
he always would say stuf like ''luc when will you bring a girl to your moms home''
and i always was like naah naah i dont have anybody.
and here is where it gets crazy.

he said it at easter breakfast with like 20 people.

and i was like ''dont you fucking get it [blank] im gay!!''
and everybody was in shock and stuff.
so i walked outside got a cigarette (nobody knew i smoked at the time) and i left chaos inside.
but the most beautiful thing was that my sister came outsideand was like ''it doesnt matter luc i still know you are yourself''
and that was 1 of the most beuatiful days of my life.

but yeah this is some of my story i am happy i can post this here and i am going to sleep cause i am like super tired rn..

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Re: hello guys

Unread postby kluckluck » 22 April 2021, 09:20

First name: Luc
Age: 19
Orientation: gay
Where you live: the netherlands
Where you're from: same as above
What you do (job, schooling, etc.):
Dream Job: being a steward
Religion (or lack thereof): atheism
Political philosophy:
Interests and hobbies: i like to watch netflix till late in the night with friends and i used to play baseball wich i still practise
Drinking, drugs or sobriety?: drink almost every week dont smoke weed but sometimes do other stuff
Special talents:
Pet peeves:
Personal hero: my sister!
Favourite real-life homosexual:
Favourite movies: the new spiderman movies
Favourite TV shows: how i met your mother
Favourite music: i listen to hiphop like 24/7
Favourite books: shadow hunters
Favourite food: i love asian food
A quote to live by: this is my own quote i just always say when i meet knew people: if you show people your worst side first after that it can only get better.
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Country: Netherlands (nl)

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