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Unread postby quickstickitin » 24 November 2018, 21:25

Hello! :D
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Re: Hello

Unread postby Felice » 24 November 2018, 21:29

hi and Welcome to the forums
you won't find me here i'm deleting my account .
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Re: Hello

Unread postby GearFetTwinkRomance » 24 November 2018, 21:37

Welcome to GFO, quickstickitin!

If you like to tell us something about yourself, we have that neat member questionnaire to fill out, if you want to -- here see link:
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Re: Hello

Unread postby xrayspex78 » 24 November 2018, 23:19

Howdy and welcome to GFO! :) glad to have ya! Enjoy your time here!
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Re: Hello

Unread postby Victor_Laszlo » 25 November 2018, 01:04

Welcome to GFO.

Please don't be shy and introduce yourself by following gear fet's link.

In the meantime you can explain your username?? ;)
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Re: Hello

Unread postby PopTart » 25 November 2018, 11:08

I think he is an avid plug socket ethusiast! Or maybe a collector of sports card sticker books!

Welcome Stickit.

Don't mind the humour!

You'll find a great community here, so please fel free to introduce yourself, don't be shy.

Welcome to GFO.
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Re: Hello

Unread postby Tommiebee » 25 November 2018, 18:02

Throwing another "hi and welcome" your way.
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