Hi everyone!

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Hi everyone!

Unread postby tu144 » 23 May 2020, 06:44

I'm just filling out the new person questionnaire, since I've got no other idea of where to start from...
First name: Thelonious
Age: 21
Orientation: Bisexual / Gay
Where I live: San Francisco
Where I Do: I'm a broke student right now...
Dream Job: Pilot
Religion: Devout athiest.... We are only here due to chance
Political philosophy: I'm more conservative leaning, but only compared to you probably. I like guns--I think people should be able to own them, I think Christian bakeries should be legally allowed to prevent gay people from ordering wearing cakes, and I think gay people should be able to mobilize to shut those bakeries down. Nothing says "You're wrong about us" like an abrupt lack of business.
Intrests: I'm a mountain biker (~100 miles a week) and welder. I'm an EMT and use none of these skills to do anything useful. I mostly sit around at home and play rust. It's scary, don't do it.
Drinking: I love beer. I brew beer, enjoy beer, and import beer from all over the world. I do acid once or twice a year. I can't take marijuana.
Pet Peeves: people who talk with their mouth full of food, and hypocrites--hypocrites like the people who are for individual rights but feel the government should prohibit gay marriage.
Personal hero: Ernst Mach. Look him up, he's really cool.
Favourite real-life homosexual: This is a hard one. I never think it's okay to discriminate based on sexual orientation. I don't see any reason why a homosexual would be more favourable to me than a heterosexual. Sexual orientation is just a small part of the entire person.
Movies: New mad max. The colors on an HDR display--wow!
TV: House, top gear, the grand tour
Music: Green Day, U2, Volbeat, Sigur Ros
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Re: Hi everyone!

Unread postby Choicespecs » 23 May 2020, 14:03

Welcome to this slice of gay culture.

Are you studying to become a pilot?
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