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Unread postby dragonfist » 21 December 2020, 21:46

Hi, im 25 years old. And i'm bisexual, and im attracted to both men and woman, for most of my life i have fought against my sexuality and sexual urges, but for the past year i have started to accept it more and more. No, i have not had any sex in this corona period. I would like to meet new people who are gay and bisexual. Feel free to private message me.

First name: Private
Nickname(s)?: Dragon
Age: 25
Orientation: Bisexual
Where you live: Norway
Where you're from: Norway
What you do (job, schooling, etc.): Private
Dream Job: Private
Religion (or lack thereof): Private
Political philosophy: Private
Interests and hobbies: Gaming (video games), reading books and meeting people
Drinking, drugs or sobriety?: Casually drinking alcohol, butno drugs.
Special talents: Private
Pet peeves: Private
Personal hero: I have none
Favourite real-life homosexual: I have never thought of that
Favourite movies: I have none, i like alot of tv series.
Favourite TV shows: I have none, i like alot of tv series.
Favourite music: Party music (house music) and kpop.
Favourite books: I have none, i like alot of books.
Favourite food: Hamburgers and entrecote.
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Re: Hi

Unread postby René » 21 December 2020, 22:22

Hey Dragon, welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy :)

It's more of a "post in lots of threads" than "private-message me" kind of deal :D
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Re: Hi

Unread postby Marmaduke » 21 December 2020, 22:31

Privacy is clearly very important to you, I can see that. However, calling you Dragon makes me feel like I’m talking to a bad guy from a mediocre manga comic. I shall call you Magnus.

Hello Magnus. Welcome.
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Re: Hi

Unread postby Magic J » 22 December 2020, 20:13

Hello Pvt. Dragon. This place is bone dry on the house music front, plz post.
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Magic J
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Re: Hi

Unread postby Gavvers » 23 December 2020, 15:33

Welcome to the forum ^_^ If you're not too worried about the privacy what are some of your favorite video games
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Re: Hi

Unread postby reiwarren6779 » 24 December 2020, 00:11

Hi, … but I’m not calling you dragon. And no hero? That’s sad. Everyone should have a hero.
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Re: Hi

Unread postby rogonandi » 24 December 2020, 09:52

Welcome. :thumbsup:
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