I am a Therapist

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I am a Therapist

Unread postby Charlon » 13 December 2020, 05:52

Hello, I am Charlon and I am a Therapist, I can be at your service anytime you want. I want to meet more friends here.
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Re: I am a Therapist

Unread postby Marmaduke » 13 December 2020, 08:16

We’re all therapists here, Charlton. This is the internet. Let us help you.
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Re: I am a Therapist

Unread postby OutsideIn » 13 December 2020, 18:10

All of the top rated therapists post their shirtless pics in their advertisements. This seems legit. Let the healing begin.
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Re: I am a Therapist

Unread postby Cali Ed » 2 October 2021, 12:17

alexstrem wrote:Are you really a therapist?

He looks more like an analrapist to me — that's both analyst and therapist. He has a patented five-part approach ....

1. First he gets you on his couch.
2. He prescribes something to help you calm down.
3. You wake up with a sore, soggy anus.
4. Be traumatized.
5. Find new therapist to discuss.
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Re: I am a Therapist

Unread postby Eryx » 3 October 2021, 13:47

I find it fascinating how almost everyone from the Philippines passes as Brazilian without any effort (even the last names, yo)
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Re: I am a Therapist

Unread postby Kemontol » 8 October 2021, 16:47

I'm a bit struggling with the term therapist.

I always thought of it as a profession who help people's problems through therapy until a friend of mine pointed out that it's also a term for "massage therapist" who does more than just massage.
The shirtless picture added the confusion.
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Re: I am a Therapist

Unread postby Jack C » 8 October 2021, 20:41

'Therapist' is rather a dangerous word. Add a space in there and you get 'The rapist'!
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Re: I am a Therapist

Unread postby User8798 » 9 November 2021, 13:43

Welcome Charlon.
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