Intimate oral guy here

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Intimate oral guy here

Unread postby simplyb1 » 25 August 2019, 09:12

Hello guys I'm Barry divorced I'm 59 I'd always thought myself bisexual married 3 times first two I only fantasized about being with men lack of sexual attention I loved crossdressing usually had most of the day playing with myself looking into a full length mirror from my neck down at first I wished I was a woman touching myself finding things I could play with I began masturtbating at 14 enjoying the taste spending years trying to shoot all my cum into mouth . At some point I still loved the feel of soft silky panties blouses skirts my favorite is pair black leather boots just below the knee zipper sides my girlfriend I let move in between 2nd 3rd marriage found pair boots my size wrong heels . I put 2in spikes on those are my favorites just enough to walk comfortably clinching my ass cheeks very tight. As bad as I wanted to be a cock sucker I couldn't ask anyone for fear being caught I set up an encounter I knew it was going to be one way he didn't suck but had no problem getting sucked. Alone in my bedroom both us naked I couldn't look at his dick finally getting up the courage I touched him with my hand little was his personality didn't intrest me we did lie close to each other jacking off. within a year alone all weekend a young 19year old gay black man knowing my curiosity asked if he could stop by after work asked he could shower I'm pacing the floor wondering would I become a cock sucker or chicken out again.. lying on his back my bed wearing boxers only sliding them completely off grabbing his cock stroking it. My god I'd only seen pics of men like him 10ins uncircumcised thick top to bottom five and a half around the base I said I have nothing like his dick.
Taking everything I had asking if he wanted see my dick . Walking closer standing within a foot maybe less I was wearing panties sliding them off before I saw it had reached out grabbing my dick I his mouth no woman ever did that for me he was a sissy man didn't think I'd enjoy him. In the bedroom he was wonderful especially that mouth he made me feel like a man 45years he was the first I got on my knees hands on top in a 69 after 20mins without asking I turned moving between his legs on knees making him last another hour taste of his cum very prevalent filling my mouth didn't want to end so really for my first nut directly into my mouth didn't know swallow gag or what moaning out loud cumin I had no idea those nuts size soft balls would have that much I swallowed it all 15years later Ive swallowed every man's cock cum. I'm so glad I went BBC first time it gave me such a thrill except for obess men if he's clean any size color orientation I want to experience him divorced 3rd time I was lacking oral shit could suck dick so good thinking could change her I began meeting straight men most married on craigslist just to give them oral 8yrs she saw emails very detailed descriptive of men divorced 2years haven't touched a woman sucked lots of men ive enjoyed living as a gay man private naked being a total oral guy submissive feminine I'm a better queer than steer feel more a man
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Re: Intimate oral guy here

Unread postby Marmaduke » 27 August 2019, 08:03

Barry, I’m not reading that until you liberally sprinkle it with commas.
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