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I'm Cherry. I'm a 21 year old female from Australia. My sexuality is perpetually frustrated, intimidated and confused. I might be Bi/Pan, but I wouldn't want to put a label on something that feels so fluid and all over the place. My family is super LGBT friendly, but they are also sort of breathing down my neck to announce my sexuality and have been since I was very young, which is sort of terrifying in its own special way.

I'm a bit of an introvert, and spend most of my time comfortably alone in my studio. I am currently studying fine art at university. I aspire to make props and sets for movies, and am waiting to hear back from a job application to studio right now :) <3
I like exercising, reading, drawing, watching movies. I like comics, and I'm a bit tone deaf.
I'm really bad at cooking but I'm trying to get better. I h a t e dating apps.
I used to be chubby growing up and have lost a lot of weight but am still pretty self conscious about my appearance, although I've started going to therapy for anxiety this year and taking medication and I feel like I'm really starting to feel comfortable and myself.
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Unread postby René » 8 December 2021, 13:53

Hey Cherry, welcome! You sound cool :) I can certainly relate to being introverted and such.

Sorry to hear about the pressure you've felt from your family — that seems really intrusive actually, and hard when you're still trying to figure things out and it's not really any of their business unless you want it to be.

I'd love to see you around the forum :keke:
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Welcome to the Forum!
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Welcome to the site
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