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Introduction - Car Guy

Unread postby CarGuy » 4 September 2021, 06:11

Hello everyone-

I'm a 44 year old guy that I suppose is mostly "DL", if that is thing, but open to being more open about my sexuality if I find the right guy. I thought I found the right guy a couple of times, but it always ends the same.

I'm a masculine white dude and i tend to go for masculine latino guys. I'm in California so there are a lot of those.

I never feel like I can make these connections when race and culture come into play. I'm starting to get discouraged and depressed. Like a failure.

I met a guy online and was smitten, but I thought he was too perfect so I blocked then unblocked him and now I cannot find him. He made me think about what a partnership could be. I think the time has come for me to get help.

Anybody here know anything about a masculine, interracial white/latino couple situation?
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Re: Introduction - Car Guy

Unread postby CarGuy » 4 September 2021, 06:45

I guess I'll do the dumb survey.

First name: Ask
Age: 44
Orientation: I like dudes
Where you live: Sacramento, CA
Where you're from: Sacramento, CA
What you do (job, schooling, etc.): Sales
Dream Job: I'm doing it.
Religion (or lack thereof): Agnostic, Open minded
Political philosophy: Libertarian
Interests and hobbies: Cars! Video games, hiking, biking, road trips.
Drinking, drugs or sobriety?: Whiskey and edibles (I like the KIVA Sativa Gummies)
Special talents: I've become pretty good at NLP, being in sales.
Pet peeves: I don't know what the pronouns they/them mean and when you ask, people are MEAN!
Personal hero: Probably Ron Paul
Favorite real-life homosexual: Jonny... you were my favorite
Favorite movies: Depends on my mood. At the moment I was reconnecting with the 1980 classic "Heavy Metal".
Favorite TV shows: I don't watch TV. Reruns of Star Trek TOS, TNG or DS9 I suppose.
Favorite music: Metal (Like Megadeth, TOOL, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest) and EDM (Like Deadmau5, Daft Punk)
Favorite books: A lot of non fiction. I have been reading a lot of heavy metal autobiographies lately. Duff McKagen of Guns N Roses was very good! Rob Halford of Judas Priest also had an outstanding book. Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden... meh... kinda sucked.
Favorite food: I like my men like my food: Mexican. Though pupusas are nice too. ;-)
A quote to live by: “Nothing In The World Can Take The Place Of Persistence. Talent Will Not; Nothing Is More Common Than Unsuccessful Men With Talent. Genius Will Not; Unrewarded Genius Is Almost A Proverb. Education Will Not; The World Is Full Of Educated Derelicts. Persistence And Determination Alone Are Omnipotent. The Slogan “Press On” Has Solved And Always Will Solve The Problems Of The Human Race.” – Calvin Coolidge
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