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Unread postby alyssanicole » 23 March 2019, 03:32

First name: Alyssa

Age: 21

Orientation: Bi

Where you live: Upstate New York, in Utica area

Where you're from: Western Massachusetts

What you do (job, schooling, etc.): Biochemistry major, tutor, and dog walker!

Dream Job: Research and development in molecular medicine, drug treatments and discovery.

Political philosophy: Left-aligned, pro-rights-for-everyone, free healthcare is a big political hope of mine, as well as affordable education.

Interests and hobbies: going out to the cinema and theatre, going hiking and having picnics, beach or pool days, nights in with hot cocoa and Hulu/Netflix, walking hand-in-hand around a store or mall, long road trips, music and dance sessions, mani/pedi/spa days every once in awhile, baking with people, painting and crafting, going to Pride, drag shows, live Rocky Horror screenings and dressing up for them, spending quality time with my kitten (Chevy), etc. I just really want some friends with who I can do more stuff!

Drinking, drugs or sobriety?: Enjoy going out and drinking/smoking, but can't do it a lot (kinda busy with school right now).

Personal hero: Honestly, I constantly look up to my mom and sister, as well as my roommate and her mom, sister, and brother. They are all wonderful people and I aspire to be as kind, caring, fun, and successful as them one day. I also am extremely inspired by all of my professors and advisors at college for being strong, proud women in science, a couple of whom conquer their fields whilst handling mental illness.

Favourite real-life homosexual: I really appreciate Freddie Mercury and how Queen made his biopic movie showcase his bisexuality. Also inspired by Alan Cummings, and look up to Stephanie Beatrice, Aubrey Plaza, Janelle Monae, Billie Joe Armstrong, Brendan Urie, etc.

Favourite movies: Almost anything, really into superhero movies right now (last watched Spider-verse and Captain Marvel).

Favourite TV shows: Again, I watch almost anything. Keeping up with Brooklyn 99 and Superstore. Just finished binging Big Mouth, now binging Queer Eye.

Favourite music: Honestly, my music choices have no bounds. My iPod is filled with almost every genre. Really into classic rock and Broadway musicals right now.

Favourite books: Haven't had the time to read much of anything that isn't a textbook lately, but an all-time favorite that I can read over and over again is The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

Favourite foods: pasta, hot cocoa, anything Greek... would love to try new foods, though!

A quote to live by: Right now I am having a lot of trouble with school and so I've made "Failure is not the opposite of success; it's apart of it" my motivational motto.

Please contact me, especially if you live near by! I'd love to have more friends :)
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Re: Introduction

Unread postby Victor_Laszlo » 23 March 2019, 12:10

Awesome introduction. :) welcome to gfo.
Ive been to a live rocky horror show once. It was wayyy out of my comfort zone but i had a blast.

What are some of your favorite band's? You should check out the music thread. Lots of good stuff there. :P

Who are some of your favorite drag queens?

Welcome again to gfo.

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Re: Introduction

Unread postby Bender » 29 March 2019, 07:04

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Re: Introduction

Unread postby Shaved-Nudist » 29 March 2019, 14:06

Welcome aboard!
Hope that you enjoy the site.
Try living nude!
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Re: Introduction

Unread postby René » 13 April 2019, 20:27

Hey Alyssa, I'm a little late but welcome to GFO! Hope to see you around :)

Your dream job is mine too, but I have a feeling you have a much better chance of getting there than I do :D
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