Introduction to me - Cj

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Introduction to me - Cj

Unread postby GayCj » 28 September 2021, 11:42

First name: Conner
Nickname(s)?: Cj
Age: 16
Orientation: Gay
Where you live: Manchester, United Kingdom
Where you're from: Manchester, UK
What you do (job, schooling, etc.): Student
Dream Job: Social Media Manager
Religion (or lack thereof): No religion
Interests and hobbies: Photography, Videography, Modelling
Drinking, drugs or sobriety?: Don't do drug. I do get a little too drunk in the gay village (oops!)
Special talents: Singing?
Favourite real-life homosexual: Tom Daley!!
Favourite movies: Thelma & Louise
Favourite TV shows: Friends, Modern Family, Emily In Paris
Favourite music: Beyonce, Ellie Goulding, Gabrielle, Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Favourite food: Like pretty much anything. I'm veggie so don't eat meat but also don't judge people who do. I'm easygoing ahaha!
A quote to live by: Live life to the fullest
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Re: Introduction to me - Cj

Unread postby pozzie » 28 September 2021, 19:58

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Re: Introduction to me - Cj

Unread postby stevie1400 » 29 September 2021, 11:28

Welcome. I've not long since joined myself. I'm from over the pennines in Yorkshire :).
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Re: Introduction to me - Cj

Unread postby Cali Ed » 2 October 2021, 12:37

GayCj wrote:Favourite real-life homosexual: Tom Daley!!
Favourite movies: Thelma & Louise

Love these choices ... I would very much like to see watersports enthusiast Tom Daley and his daddy-hubby Dustin Lance Black star in an all-drag remake of this landmark of feminist cinema (except Daley, who's clad only in his undersized speedo, as his wont).

In the pivotal scene, the diver is forced to use the knitting needles he was employing to darn dog sweaters and Olympic-medal cozies as an implement of self-defense when a couple of truckers get too handsy in a dark parking-lot encounter (so very rude considering he had already swallowed their loads through the men's-room glory hole). Then he and Lance have a date with destiny at the Grand Canyon, but at least there's plenty of kinky bareback sex along the way (as is Lance's wont, as those who have seen his special videos know).

So, actually it's more like a gay porn remake of "Thelma and Louise." Most films do find improvement in their gay porn parodies, to be honest. :monocle:
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Re: Introduction to me - Cj

Unread postby User8798 » 9 November 2021, 13:45

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Re: Introduction to me - Cj

Unread postby asianduck888 » 20 November 2021, 17:34

welcome welcome
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