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Unread postby Fistface » 12 August 2019, 20:31

My name is Fistface...the origin is from The X-Files. Remember the tough looking alien blond guy Mulder would be running from time to time...well he had a hard face...we called him Fistface.

Never been with a male sexually and maybe never will, you knows...but I know I am sexually turned on by men...and women.

I have a fetish or sexual thing for the ultra muscular human....I was turned on at 10 by pro bodybuilders and a desire to put my tongue on the chest...I used to have dreams about letting muscular black men run after me and they were always naked....they would be yell for me to wait, that he just wanted me to kiss his muscles....but I would be naked to when we would start to embrace then I would wake up.

I though becoming the Incredible Hulk, or suddenly being over come by an uncontrollable urge to let go of me and become say the Hulk was the most exciting possibility ever. It has always been erotic to me and the idea still has the same effect...I get erect right away.

The hugeness of black male pro bodybuilders like Kai Greene is something known knows about....nothing seems sexier to me then being in a full frontal nude kiss with this man, completely hairless, oiled up, pumped, striated, super to me yet he is as overwhelmingly in a state of sexual heat as well....we are frenzied in our open mouth kisses....and he whispers how excited he is now that I decided to joined him in the freakish world of super human musculature. This is the kind of shit in my head when jerking myself off, which is a full time job with me anymore, ha ha.

My interest in women is still very much alive, but for me anymore the object of my desires and I am just being honest, is the very dark thick black woman....same size as me...my wife of 15 years is exactly like this and she is also tough as nails and very masculine looking, but we still are very attracted to each other...its all about the idea that she does not really need me....she could protect herself from any man...she is as strong as any man. I think testosterone is high in her blood due to her masculine jaw, voice, extremely high hairline...I really do love when she demands attentions from me...the other day I was downstair and she yelled I had a job I needed to finish upstairs and she wants it done now. I came up and all she had on were white fishnet stalkings that were stunning on her almost jet black skin...she had picked out her hair to a very kinky afro...then she said you need to take your duties more serious...I can't go every other day with out out it and I want my thighs around your head now. I was back downstairs 90 minutes later.

So all my fantasies are about being a worshiper of some muscular human

I became convinced recently that my sexual desire now extends to male huge bodybuilders...I get sexually excited about the idea of a person using steroids to enhance their strength...it has to do with my sexuallattraction to turning into or becoming more like god or superior.

I know this all weird, but if you really knew me this world except my experiences that are true above is just in my head.

I live in Northern Virginia
I have be all over the world
I am married to a woman I love and am attracted to as well as we have sex a lot.
I have survived 4 massive accidents in my life that should have killed me, the worst laid me up 7 years, yet I am in fantastic shape again due to my gymrat nature.
I love cigars
I do not drink
My gods are the Beatles, I have where they have been.
I love The Portland Trail Blazers....who will stun the naysayers all over by winning the 2020 NBA championship...sometimes the pieces need to mature and sometimes the key addition is a player everyone is down on....until the winning of the title...after winning 66 games in the regular season...the Blazers will stomp through to win the title bringing respectability back to the small market and proving that buying a title is combining to an end and the true way to win is to develop not but...go Blazers.
I have to admit that my life has been extremely successful and lucky....made my money as a government operator who took care of contaminations in the states and the Pacific Ocean that never made it to the news...one in Oregon, where I am from could have killed the southern half of the state. Then made more as a consultant of a chemical think tank in Eugene, Oregon.
I know stay home in my house in Northern Virginia about 5 miles from the pentagon, supporting my wife career who is one of the most powerful officers in the US Army.

Why am I here? Just curious about what others think and see if this helps me figure out myself. I really have no problems being whatever I am....if it turns out I have always been gay...fine with me...I like sex and am comfortable in my own skin, I feel nothing has changed about me at all....
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Re: Just joined

Unread postby Jzone » 13 August 2019, 01:50

Sounds like you have a good life there, Fistface, and a great relationship. Hang around the forum and jump in any time. You just may learn something about yourself.
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