Me, myself and I

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Me, myself and I

Unread postby Rarest-Dave » 4 January 2020, 05:38

I'm a 53yo seperated man, I'm bisexual and curious. I have a magnetic Character, along with a First class sense of humour to go with it.
I create friendship easy, I'm very genuine .. if not too, I am honest and endearing.
I like to write Poetry (though I don't read it) and have had several of my works published, I'm here for honest advice/opinions and a Chat or Two x
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Re: Me, myself and I

Unread postby tedderchan » 4 January 2020, 12:49

U know life is full of endless possibilities,
We never what we will be in the next several years even the next several seconds.
So that is the reason that many people always keep active in life.
I think you are the one that is more active than me, cause u said u are full of humors. and that is the magic of u.
Could u show us some poetries u wrote before, then I can have a view.

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Re: Me, myself and I

Unread postby GearFetTwinkRomance » 4 January 2020, 15:54

Hiya Dave and welcome to GFO btw.

Writing poetry can be a joy and also it's often an outlet for experiences and emotion, transporting the views on life one may collect over time.
I write quite a bit, too, and do read some of other poets, songwriters, lyrical people. Xet I always have, from child ages on, read just few selected.

Did my share in English, although I'm not certain of whether I may have abused that language while doing so,or not. I have had quite a few published in German, when they were selected to be in anthologies of the 'library of German poetry', nothing special though.

And I like to do for fun ,as I go along, just on the run, not deep, nor long:

*Hidden by Commenter*
says this,
and I can't enter
no bliss
so for my centre
I can't tell
if rather well
the thing would sell.

Blasta Rhymez

Just an example. Have fun participating. :)
If ya want to hang with me, let's go windsurfing!

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