#metoo its my life story and i hate may life and my self

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#metoo its my life story and i hate may life and my self

Unread postby Dipu » 12 April 2019, 14:49

I am borne in a Islamic country but a minority Hindu family .At 1st I say how I come to gay world ,its my life most dark side corner . I dont share it before anyone even my parents . I am only one child of my parents .I grow up very alone because my parents both was service holder .In my childhood when my age was 7, I was abused by our landlord son , not only that when my age was 10 I was again molested by my uncle . I can not explain it with my parents , I just always think why they misbehave with me , I was very very shy and introverts child .[/color] when I was enter teenage life on that time I realize my attraction was different like other boys . I like boy not girl . on that time I was think it was my shin or my illness . when my age was 17 1st time I understood about homosexuality . my country is a muslim majority country there most of the 92% people are muslims and most of the muslims are so communal . They demands Blasphemy law (capital punishment ) for criticism Islam and Muhammad . But we know its fully used against to religious minority and free thinker . Our so called secular Government also support it. Homosexuality is illegal under country's law since 1861 Section 377 ,punishable by up to life imprisonment, though this law is often not enforced. Nevertheless, it is still very dangerous for LGBT people to openly come out in society because of communal rejection, shame, assault and even murder. ,already they make a new law like blasphemy . recently a lot of religious minority attracted by the fundamentalist Muslims . They killed secular blogger, Hindu and christian priests, LGBT people . I am a hindu and also be a gay . I write religious minority's and sexual minority's Human rights and anti LGBT law article in social media . as a results muslim fundamentalist recently attacked my home and try to kill me , but fortunately I am alive . But our police say to me that as a gay I write anti Section 377 so they try to arrest me , but they dont take any step against radicalized people. this is 1st time my family was introduce that I am homosexual , Now my parents hate me , but I always love them , If my homosexuality is crime , God was the main criminal because he create me as a Gay , its not my sin .then I contact with many contrary's consulate for salter most of there they called themselves as a Gay haven country . they said they are very sorry about my condition but they was unable because I am not a high profile minority if I get a UNHCR recommendation only on that time they can help me , but I dont get it because I have no way to get a UNHCR recommendation. then I contact with organization like Rainbow railroad, LIGA etc but result is 0 nobody helps me . they just said they are sorry lot of application now in there table. Yes its my life and I hate my self . If there anyone can helps me to give a job in any safe country or any international organization to consider my danger life I will grateful to you . if any one able to help me get a Job kindly PM me.
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Re: #metoo its my life story and i hate may life and my self

Unread postby \Tomb Raider/ » 12 April 2019, 21:25


I’m sorry you have to live in a country where LGBT people are not understood and have no rights. My advise to you would be to apply for asylum in a US embassy and travel to the US.

Nothing is wrong with you. People just don’t understand what being gay is. They have fear and fear turns to hatred. Try to enjoy your life as much as you can but be safe and find a way to get the help you need in your area.

I apologize but no on can provide you with a job in your country. Things work differently in other countries. Take care of yourself and find a way out.
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