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New Friends

Unread postby Tryguy2304 » 2 December 2018, 14:22

Would really like some new friends first timer for everything but quick learner x
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Re: New Friends

Unread postby Ganon6000 » 4 December 2018, 22:07

Hello TryGuy2304, I'm Ganon6000. :) I hear (read) you're looking for new friends. I think I might be too. I'm new to the website + really don't have any LGBTQ friends in real life. How's your day going? Up to anything? I'm currently sitting in a library trying to get some computer work done. Seems like I'm doing everything, but taking care of the work I need to finish lol.
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Re: New Friends

Unread postby xrayspex78 » 4 December 2018, 22:52

Howdy folks!! :) Welcome to GFO! We’re glad to have ya here.

If you haven’t already. Fill out a questionnaire. We’d love to know more about you. :)
Copy and past questionnaire and make a new post introducing yourself. :)

First name:
Where you live:
Where you're from:
What you do (job, schooling, etc.):
Dream Job:
Religion (or lack thereof):
Political philosophy:
Interests and hobbies:
Drinking, drugs or sobriety?:
Special talents:
Pet peeves:
Personal hero:
Favourite real-life homosexual:
Favourite movies:
Favourite TV shows:
Favourite music:
Favourite books:
Favourite food:
A quote to live by:

All the best! See ya round the forum! Looking forward to knowing more about yinz. All the best!

“And Mother taught us patience
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And Father taught us boundaries
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Re: New Friends

Unread postby Tommiebee » 5 December 2018, 19:35

Hi and welcome to both of you new guys.
As suggested, it's a great idea to answer the little questionnaire simply because it gives everyone kind of a handle on finding commonalities.
Lots of very nice people here.
I am a work in progress. I am so thankful for the opportunity to live my live my own way.
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