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New Guy Here!

Unread postby Nomadic_Jason » 10 November 2020, 17:36


I'm Jason. I am 35 and mostly live in Texas. We are nomadic thanks to our travel trailer that we recently purchased. I live with my Husband, Jobi (his nickname).

My husband and I have been struggling with a few problems during our ten year relationship. Unlike my husband, I wasn't very sexually active before I met him due to being in the closet, and he was my first real relationship. We built a strong relationship, but we also have our problems, some small, some big.

The main reason I am here is to find advice on sex and relationships, hoping to get perspective from others who can relate. My friends aren't the best role models when it comes to healthy relationships, so I really rely on them. I have combed the internet for advice, but they all read like a cosmo magazine and really just doesn't seem to work in our setting.

Other than that, my life is boring at the moment. I recently moved away from the City, so I have been really enjoying the fresh air and lack of noise. We did try to start a business right before Coronavirus hit, so we took a big financial hit when it failed. I'm not really all that sad about it, but it will take us a bit to work ourselves out of debt.
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Re: New Guy Here!

Unread postby Jasper1 » 10 November 2020, 22:44

Welcome to the forum Jason! :thumbsupwink:
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Re: New Guy Here!

Unread postby RenĂ© » 13 November 2020, 17:28

Hey Jason, sorry this is a little late, but welcome to the forum!! Glad to have you with us. :)

I hope you'll find what you're looking for, and that you'll stick around! :keke:
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