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Unread postby ian99 » 30 August 2019, 02:00

Hey so I'm feeling a bit confused at the moment. Sexually I get more turned on by thinking about being the bottom of a guy but emotionally I couldn't see myself being Inna relationship with a guy. Sexually I do get turned on by women but nowhere near the same level but I could really see myself dating a woman. Wondering if anyone can help.
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Re: sexuality

Unread postby Eryx » 30 August 2019, 19:35

It's probably just because it's something you haven't really explored and everyone has generally looked down upon. I'm sure if you tried to approach guys and become more comfortable with it, you'd start considering a relationship more. Think about it: most guys have another guy next to them that they love the most. It's more common than not. They're just not gay. And being gay simply adds another layer to that.

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Re: sexuality

Unread postby mxguy01 » 30 August 2019, 20:18

Maybe what society conditioned you to think of as a "relationship" is not the same as you would actually prefer. Relationships don't have to be what is depicted on TV and such; rather they are quite varied.
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