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Unread postby nickthegreek31 » 27 August 2018, 21:43

My name is Nick, I am a gay man and I’ve been living in London since 2014. I had 2 LTR in my life from 15 till 26 but I’m single since I moved to London. I have tried everything but still nothing. I have been trying online dating for a long time but I had bad experience so I stopped it. I started going to gay meet ups to meet people (easy to speak to people cause I’m friendly, sociable &people instantly like me) but no interest from them most of the times. My strong desire to make a relationship makes me preject I'm tpgether with with men I meet but I don’t even know them well. I’ve started psychotherapy but almost after a year my personal life is still the same. Recurring failures especially from January made me lose my confidence, feel down, lose interest for activities etc. People are always telling me you will find someone when you least expect it but I think is a good idea to start getting used to the idea I’ll be single forever. Any advice would be nice.
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Unread postby BlackBoi666 » 4 December 2018, 18:35

Just wait until someone else makes a move on you. And adapt to being single for a while until then. I've gotten used to this lifestyle.
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Unread postby xrayspex78 » 4 December 2018, 21:21

Ah the wanders of life and all it’s mysteries. Love being one of those. Ahem! adjust glasses looks around

Well saying you’ll be single forever won’t help my friend. Instead say “I won’t be single forever”
Envision it, feel it, embrace it!

I’ve been spreading this wild idea around the forum below:

We will all be loved in time. You can not run from it.

Eventually someone will catch you and love you unconditionally. :)

Believe it. It comes for us all at different times.

Oh dear! Pardon my rudeness here. I’m Brian by the way.

Should you seek me,
You’ll find me in the music threads sharing all kind of ideas, stories and words of encouragement.

Music worship everyday. ;) I kid I kid!

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Unread postby CrimsonHeart » 9 December 2018, 14:52

Awhh it's okay don't worry. Being single does not mean that you're a failure, at all! However don't make this as your life goal. I mean sure, you want a relationship, I do too! But don't make it your ONLY life goal. It's a goal that you don't have much control on. Try to find other goals that you have to work really hard to get them and that would make you very proud. Could be something fitness related, learn a new language, learn a new skill, just let yourself grow naturally. While doing these things you would be developing yourself and finding happiness in your own soul. Once you realise that happiness comes within yourself, then the magic happens and you would be attracting the right kind of people in your life ;) xxx
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