Cultural Rewind - 2019 edition

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Cultural Rewind - 2019 edition

Unread postby Marmaduke » 9 December 2019, 21:38

The last couple of years, I’ve started a thread to post Spotify rewinds and get a flavour for what everyone is listening to and find some new things. However, I moved away from Spotify this year. So that’s out. So I thought I’d broaden the scope a little and invite you all to post anything at all that’s been released in 2019 that you think we should go back and check out if we’ve missed it. Singles, albums, TV shows, movies, podcasts, books, magazine, anything you want to recommend that people go back and check out because you thought it was awesome.

My musical pic is gonna be Isaac Dunbar’s debut album; balloons don’t float here. He’s 16, I think he’s such a name to watch in the future. The album is such a soulful, bedroom jam, pop moment. He’s more than a little Billie Eilish, but more to my taste. Deffo worth half an hour of your time, even if you’re not a big pop listener.

My show/series pick is gonna be Sex Education on Netflix. It’s a bit of a left-field choice for me, but I found it really enjoyable, really well written, super well cast and covering a lot of important bases whilst being funny and genuine. I legit don’t have any criticisms springing to mind, for what it is, it’s really well done.

I’m again going to swing to Netflix and pitch Dolomite is my Name. I’m a big Eddie Murphy fan, or at least a fan of Eddie Murphy in his prime. But that felt like a lifetime ago, he hasn’t really been good in a long time. But he is in this, he’s great, it’s such a return to form, such a return of energy and it carries the whole film. The film itself is so nicely produced and designed. People say that Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was a love letter to Hollywood. Well Dolomite is my Name is the love letter to show business that I wanted from Tarantino and didn’t get. I think it’s the better film of the two.

It hasn’t updated since October, I think it’s on a break, but go back and give Inside Skunk Works a listen. It’s not strictly speaking a thing that started in 2019, but I discovered it in 2019. It’s produced by the skunk works team and Lockheed Martin. I have a bit of a love of both learning how things work, and listening to experts and passionate people talk about the things that interest them. This podcast is more that than any other podcast I’ve come across and definitely worth an episode or two. There are a couple of podcasts I listen to that did start in 2019, but they’re about watches and watchmaking - very much an interest turned mild obsession for me in 2019 - and way too niche for me to be recommending you sit down and listen to.

One more biased to the Londoners or London adjacent, the Tate Modern has a great exhibit on for photography fans. The current Dora Maar retrospective is actually on until March, I think it only opened in October. There was actually a lot in this exhibition that I didn’t really like, I’m not a huge fan of photo collages and that seemed to be a big part of her career, but she was such a great fashion and street photographer and has so many great photos on display. It’s also a really interesting revelation of her relationship with Pablo Picasso and the profound effect they had on each other’s careers. Well worth a look, I’d even go again, so if you’re after company, let me know.

But yeah, super keen to get some cultural recommendations from you guys. Shockingly, I had a good think about it and I don’t think any of the books I read this year were released this year. So good books of the last 12 months would be cool. But it can be anything at all that you’ve come across from 2019 that you think more people would enjoy. It might be cool, with a few weeks left to go, to actually make the effort to give things a go before the end of the year and share some views.
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Re: Cultural Rewind - 2019 edition

Unread postby Eryx » 9 December 2019, 22:47

Why'd you quit Spotify?

I've been all over the place with music lately, I've enjoyed a lot more of Brazilian popular music and I've listened a lot more to indie music. But my tendency is to just add the songs I like in random radios to my playlist and I don't acknowledge the artists or the names of the songs as much anymore. I don't like that, and I want to pay more attention to it...

But I'd recommend Sofi Tukker and DUDA BEATS. They're absolutely awesome.

I listened to Isaac Dunbar and he's pretty good! But he's super obscure too, apparently, right? I saw a lot of commenters talking about him becoming a star pretty soon. I'm into it!

I tried Sex Education but I don't know, I think I've watched too many shows and seeing this just seemed too much of the same strategies, so I'm skipping it. What jumps to mind instantly as a show I am excited about looking forward to every week is the Good Place. I love Kristen Bell and I fucking love that show.

I won't comment on film because I have to confess I wasn't that good of an attendee this year. I'm not sure what I think is worth mentioning. The first thing that comes to mind is Joker! That was a great movie. It 2 was okay too, but I have problems with it.

I'm trying to get into podcasts, but no luck so far :( there are a couple of guys that I've listened to, but I never seem to be able to keep at it. I get too anxious about doing nothing else. My next strategy will be to listen to it at the bus on my way to college!

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Re: Cultural Rewind - 2019 edition

Unread postby Jacketh » 10 December 2019, 10:15

I've not really had a standout this year. I've mostly been listening to 80s music hard this year. I'll go with Sam Fender though, his first album was fab.

Oh, and Noel Gallagher's new sound, that most seem to hate, I totally love. He's x100 better than Liam.

After Life on Netflix. I like Ricky Gervais, and was perfect. Really, really, recommend.

... Rocketman. I like Elton John, so.

JVN's Podcast is really really good.

Nope :D

I've not read a book I could say I totally love, either. I only read a couple this year.
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