Do you like Star Wars?

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Do you like Star Wars?

Unread postby Gay-paul » 17 November 2018, 10:09

Did you still love your father/child if he committed some horrible crimes, would you still believe that he/she is good at him/her? ... 353AAw7GnK

I'm Polish, I'm 33, almost right, because it's basically 32 and 1/2 ;-)

I'm also suffering from Asperger Syndrome, but when I have bad days I watch Star Wars, in fact my older brother got me into the Star Wars universe, and I got him for it in Star Trek..

I do not know if Star Wars and Star Trek is a trademark of Autism, my brother is not autistic, but he has a bipolar disorder, but my brother is a huge fan of George Lucas' work, though we did not like the two last "episodes" of Star Wars, brother said that Star Wars due it was American movie was limited release in cinemas in communist Poland, but they had VHS than xD

Yesterday I watched a duel of Luke Skywalker with Dearth Vader on YouTube, early known as Anakin Skywalker, a former Jedi knight, his father. Luke says to Vader, "Father, I feel good in your heart, Vader, you do not appreciate the power of the dark side." At the end, of course, Vader changes his heart and becomes the sweetened Ankin of the First Episode again.

BTW What do you think about this version of Anakin :D

I think you're must click the link because of videos, not embodying

I use it only as an example, I wonder how to feel the children of people like Martin Borman or Jozef Mengele, or the parents of those terrorists who smashed these planes on WTC towers. They say that they were "good Germans" or "good Muslims" For the fuck sake how someone who killed innocents can have a good heart :-)
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Re: Do you like Star Wars?

Unread postby PopTart » 17 November 2018, 12:32

I guess, everyone is someones son or daughter. I don't think parents ever stop loving their children, if they loved them to begin with. They might feel shame, regret or anger towards them. But I suspect, that in the eyes of every parent, their sons and daughters, no matter who they become, will always be those small, wide eyed innocents that they worked so hard to raise, protect and care for.

Hitler loved dogs and was by some accounts a kind family man. Doesn't excuse who he was or what he did, but it can serve to illustrate, that even bad people, are still people, with all the positive and negative traits and tendencies that we might expect.

As to Star Wars, it's alright. I personally find the dualistic and objective morallity it portrays to be fantastical, over simplified and unrealistic but it's good fun none the less.

If anyone is interested in a brilliant deconstruction of the shortcomings of the Star Wars universe and it's ideas, I'd recommend Star War: Knights of the Old Republic 2, Chris Avellone takes it apart with a deft insight and skill.
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