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Drift Mania

Unread postby Valso » 27 July 2020, 22:55

I know there's a topic about video games but this topic is an attempt to find (lure) and drift gaming lovers to "the dark side", so to speak (now that I know I'm not the only one into that stuff :D ) and I don't want my post to sink somewhere in the other topic. If you think you can do better than me, let's race! :D The game is called CarX Drift Racing Online and is quite cheap on Steam. It's available for Windows and PS4 but I'm playing it on Linux.

This is how you make 1 million drift points and 1 million dollars in less than 30 minutes, despite the noobs' best efforts to stop you. :D


American muscle is American muscle and there's nothing else like it! :heart:

I know the video quality sucks but that's YouTube's fault because they apply some crazy compression level to every new upload:

P.S. Ignore the insult I wrote in the chat towards the truck drifter but since the game is Russian with Russian players, that insult is the only way to make the room owner kick the toxic player. :lol:
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