Eurovision 2019 - The UK Entry

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Who're your Eurovision top 2 for the UK?

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Eurovision 2019 - The UK Entry

Unread postby Marmaduke » 23 January 2019, 15:31

Yay! I'm early enough to lead the charge into this year's Eurovision song contest. This morning the shortlist for the UK entry was announced before going to a final vote in February to decide who will represent us in Israel.

Oddly, we have six contestants to choose from singing three songs between them. I think I'd have preferred for them all to have their own song, but we're stuck with pairs of singers offering different takes on the same song.

Holly Tandy - Bigger Than Us

Michael Rice - Bigger Than Us

So, this song is just a formulaic and cliche-ridden ballad that sounds pretty similar to a thousand other unremarkable pop ballads you've heard before. But, you know, we never send good songs to Eurovision. Still, this one is 5 out of 10 at best,

I think I prefer Holly's version. Michael has gone all OTT and gospel at the end, I think the handclap at the end in Holly's could play better live.

Jordan Clarke - Freaks

MAID - Freaks

Lyrically, this song is just drek. It's again just ticking boxes, lets have some love, check, acceptance, check, equality, check. However, I really think this song has shown perhaps the difference that an artist can bring to a song. The MAID version is rubbish, it's too slow and stripped away and edges on gothic. It's 2 out of 10. Jordan Clarke though has taken it a little more upbeat and brought a real Take That pop vibe to it. I think I actually kinda like it. I'm gonna go 6 out of 10.

Kerrie-Anne - Sweet Lies

Anisa - Sweet Lies

And there we have it, all three songs down and all we know for sure is that the UK will never find a decent lyricist for Eurovision. However, again, huge difference in styles. Anisa has gone too stripped back and ballad, it has a nice step up and rise at the end, but it won't work live. It's not what Eurovision wants. I dunno if I'd have thought it was as rubbish if I hadn't heard Kerrie-Anne's version first, but I did, so 4 out of 10. Kerrie-Anne though, she has shown us what Eurovision wants. She's gone contemporary dance with some nice house vibes and bass drops. Her version is a BOP. 8 out of 10.

What do you think of this year's shortlist? Agree or disagree with me? I've added a poll, let's see if we can accurately predict which way it's gonna go. Pick your top two and we'll see who comes out on top, for me it's Kerrie-Anne and Jordan Clarke. I think Michael Rice will go in as the favourite before people have heard the track, they will have heard him on reality TV and know what a strong vocalist he is, but I don't think the song is enough to carry him through.

Edit: I just spotted, I'm so hot on the Eurovision bandwagon that the BBC haven't even added the final title and description to their Kerrie-Anne video yet. It's all just placeholder. :lol:
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Re: Eurovision 2019 - The UK Entry

Unread postby PopTart » 23 January 2019, 18:07

I'm with you Marmaduke, I wasn't taken with the majority, Holly Tandy and Micheal Rice were kinda forgetable, sounding like alot of stuff I am subjected to on the radio at work :blargh: The song itself was pretty awful.

I prefered Jordan Clarke but yeah, the lyrics are so bad. Really bad :P I didn't mind the girl group (can't even recall their names, I could scroll down but it didn't inspire me to care, easier to ignore it) but they didn't really pull it off, like you said, it never really seemed to go anywhere. It felt flat and tired.

I LOVED Kerrie-Annes vocals! She looks beautiful too, but she really put some passion into her performance. Overall, she reminded me of someone and it's a track I wouldn't want to turn the volume down on, in the second and all subsequent playings of. :thumbsup:

Anise has a nice voice, but like you, having heard Kerrie-Anne first, it felt stale and tepid afterwards.

I'm totally hoping people vote for Kerrie, but I suspect your right and people will go with Micheal Rice or Possibly Anise.

I hope not though.
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Re: Eurovision 2019 - The UK Entry

Unread postby poolerboy0077 » 24 January 2019, 06:15

I never understand what’s going on in these Eurovision things but I do have to ask, is there anything that appeals to the teenybopper in me?
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