Fun time with one Russian homophobe on a drifting PC game :D

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Fun time with one Russian homophobe on a drifting PC game :D

Unread postby Valso » 10 August 2020, 00:04

CarX Drift Racing Online is, as the name suggests, a car drifting game which requires a 100% concentration if the player wants to make a good amount of drift points. And since in multiplayer one can get unlimited amount of money (1 drift point = $1 in-game currency) everyone's playing multiplayer. Last night there was a new update that made the car's physics more realistic but it also broke the function that lets you set up a password for your multiplayer room. And so I couldn't set up a password in order to drift alone without amateurs. Then it hit me: since the game devs are Russians, the majority of the players are also Russians. Which means the majority of the players are also homophobes. Sadly, but that's the truth - a big part of the Russians are phobes (60-70%, according to some statistics), especially on online games. And last night I found a way use their phobia against them: due to the lack of a passworded room, I decided to give the room a name "LGBT+ Drifting". Not at all surprising to me, not a single person joined my room and a whole hour I had a blissfull lonely drift undisturbed by amateurs connecting from Mars through a dial-up internet.
Or so I thought. Apparently one of the phobes did enter my room last night but he didn't drift. Instead, he must have hid somewhere under one of the bridges on the map bc I didn't see him on the minimap in the whole hour while I drifted.

Tonight I entered a room with a broken English name ("Ekspi and monay" which must mean "XP and money") and started drifting like always. I usually don't stop until I make at least a million points. Despite a few heroic amateurs' efforts to break my drift and surprisingly even to me I made 2 million points which by the game's standards is huge. When I finished and parked in the pitlane, one of the phobes said (in the chat) "Impossible! Beat by the fag of last night!" (which means he must have been in my room) which caused a few of the other players to laugh. One of the players who was either from Netherlands or France (I always mix up these two flags) said "Dude, he didn't just beat you! He raped your ass." which caused another wave of laughter but this time from all of us. The phobe said something that the chat replaced with asterisks (it does that if the curse is in Russian) and left the room. :lol:
The thing is that this game has a simple secret about how to make this many points and when I joined that room the Russian had already made almost 390,000 points. But I'm not telling anyone there how to make these points bc I like being the winner all the time. Image

Phobes tend to make our lives bitter in real life but apparently sometimes we can make their lives bitter, albeit just online. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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